About Us

Systems Technology Forum, Ltd. (STF) is an established industry partner with a passion for exceptional performance and an unwavering commitment to our clients. As a premier provider of management, engineering, information technology, and logistics services, STF is committed to delivering high-quality systems engineering, technical and professional support services that meet and exceed deliverable requirements.

STF offers superior out-of-the-box solutions to end-to-end problems and customer-centric support to the United States Government, Military, Department of Defense (DoD), and other federal agencies.

Ethics, Excellence, Engagement

STF’s brand is our employees. We all must exhibit the following:


Our employees must represent themselves, the Government and the Company ethically and treat coworkers with the utmost respect and dignity.


Our employees must perform at the highest level at all times. If your customer needs help, STF has a backbone of management and technical expertise from which to draw.


Everyone is part of the Company. Everyone counts. Everyone matters.

Our expectation is that each employee takes personal responsibility for all actions and adheres to the highest ethics with integrity. We focus on excellent performance and fostering great customer relationships.

STF cares Logo

STF Cares is a program established to serve the communities where we live and work as well as support STF employees in making a difference. STF Cares takes our mission of bringing Excellence, Ethics, and Engagement to the work we perform every day and applying it to our communities.

STF Cares prepared and provided food in support of the Thurman Brisban Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We provided 50 meals to the year-round residential emergency homeless center that has been a significant part of our community for over 15 years! Also, several employees outside of the Fredericksburg area donated essential supplies for the center that were delivered today.

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