Instructors did a great job being able to dive into multiple levels of expertise.

Came in with zero experience and left feeling comfortable go back to teach my class.

The capstone was great and provided us an opportunity to brainstorm.

Meet Our Experienced Instructors

Knowledgeable, Accomplished, Dedicated
STF's Mobile Training Team is composed of veterans from all branches of the DOD, with specializations in tactical ground radio operations, deployable networked systems, COMSEC management, spectrum management, C4ISR plan creation, and aviation communication systems maintenance and operations.

Mr. Nick Conder

Nick Conder

Program Manager

Mr. Adam Kortmeyer

Adam Kortmeyer

Deputy Operations Manager

Mr. Heath Schell

Heath Schell

Integration Engineer

Mr. Terry Delaney

Terry Delaney

Corporate Advisor

Mr. Matt Murfield

Matt Murfield

Corporate Advisor

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