Team Capabilities

32 North Solutions

32 North Solutions, Inc., a Woman Owned Small Disadvantaged Business (WOSDB), strives to be a leader in excellence. We offer over eleven years of experience supporting customers in the Department of Defense and Intelligence community in Systems Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, and Program Management.

Past Performance:

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AASKI Technology, Inc. (AASKI), an 8(a), Small Disadvantaged, Minority, Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE), has been providing transformational technology solutions and services to small, medium, and large customers since 1997.  We are a Professional Services firm that provides System/Network Engineering, Project/Acquisition Management, Logistics and Testing Services.  We possess a unique set of skills in project and acquisition management of next generation technology systems, providing a full suite of services which include requirements generation, development, testing, deployment, logistics, operations and maintenance support.

Past Performance:

PM DCATS in Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) including: Architecture, Design, Testing, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Logistics/CM, and Information Technology support for various PM DCATS programs including SATCOM terminals, modems and systems. Ordering Agency: PEO EIS, PM DCATS Government POC: Michael Ferrazzarra, 732-532-7335

Command, Control, Communications, computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance and Systems (C4ISR) Systems, Prototyping and Testing for the Communications Electronics Research Development Center (CERDEC) Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate (S&TCD), Joint SATCOM Engineering Center (JSEC). Ordering Agency: CERDEC S&TCD JSEC Government POC: Rick Dunnegan, 732-427-9210

Management, Logistics, Operations, Software and Engineering (MLOSE) services in support of RESET, Unit Set Fielding (USF), the Single Interface to the Field (SIF) for Battle Command and Network Support Directorate (BCNSD), and Systems Engineering IPT technology assessment and integration. AASKI supports the Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center (CERDEC) Product Realization Directorate (PRD) in budget management, POM cycle planning, funding and overall financial services support. Ordering Agency: PEO C3T, PM CP Government POC: Jackie Weeks, 732-427-3032,


Alliance Technology Group, LLC, a Small Business (SB), is a North American Systems Integrator & IT Solutions/Services company. Alliance specializes in IT Infrastructure; Physical & Cyber Security, Storage, Systems and Networking. Our Team deploys these solutions in Traditional IT Enterprises, Private, Public & Hybrid Clouds and IoT & Edge Environments. Alliance's Consulting & Professional Services Group provides expert support for all of the solutions we offer including design, implementation and managed services. Alliance serves customers in the Private & Public sectors and has become a trusted partner to increase the effectiveness of how IT positively impacts business.

Past Performance

(1) Equipment (Hardware, Software, Maintenance) Implementation, (Design, Installation, Integration, Testing, Training); 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.14, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19; SPAWAR (via NASA SEWP V) NNG15SD62B/DO # N6523616F0027; Brendan R. Geraghty Office: 843-218-4855

(2) Equipment (Hardware, Software, Maintenance), Implementation (Design, Installation, Integration, Testing, Training); 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.14, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19; SPAWAR (via NASA SEWP V) NNG15SD62B/DO # N6523618F0585; John Wehner Office: 757-541-5208

(3) Implementation (Design, Installation, Integration, Testing, Training); 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.14, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19; SPAWAR (via NASA SEWP V) NNG15SD62B/DO # N6523616V1058; John Wehner Office: 757-541-5208

(4) Equipment (Hardware, Software, Maintenance), Implementation (Design, Installation, Integration, Testing, Training); 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.14, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19; SPAWAR (via NASA SEWP V) NNG15SD62B/DO # N6523617F0805; John Wehner Office: 757-541-5208

American Systems

AMERICAN SYSTEMS Corporation, a Large Business, is a multi-faceted information technology services organization, focusing on five primary areas of business in support of government agencies, institutions, and commercial organizations. First, we provide system engineering and technical services, and prepare documentation to facilitate the design, development, and integration of information technology applications into electronic data processing and information distribution systems, command and control systems, communications, sensor and surveillance systems, and biometric and medical systems. Second, we provide specialized technical services, including requirements analysis; design, selection, and procurement of hardware and software from qualified vendors; integration and installation of enterprise-wide computing network solutions, including local area networks and wide area networks; packaging and cabinet integration; asset management; and integration and installation of central office network switching modules for public networks. Third, we provide technical and engineering services for installation and implementation of cable plant distribution systems for high speed data, voice, and video applications, including air blown fiber, conventional fiber, and Category 5 UTP cable, as well as installation in asbestos environments, and classified/secure cable plant applications. Fourth, we provide information technology to training services, including development of interactive courseware computer-based training, distance learning, multi-media applications, tele-training, and web-based training. Fifth: Our Science and Technology Integration Center houses a team of S&T professionals, providing a stable of functional area Subject Matter Experts with an unmatched depth and breadth of technical capability in S&T strategic planning, and program management.

Past Performance:

Engineering Readiness Assist Team (ERAT); 3.2, 3.7, 3.10, 3.16, 3.18, 3.19; PMS 470 NAVSEA, N00178-08-D-5629; Government POC: Richard Chiappane, PMS 470 NAVSEA,, 202-781-1989.

INSURV Readiness Assist Team (IRAT); 3.2, 3.7, 3.10, 3.16, 3.18, 3.19; NAVSEA SEA 21 N00024-01-D-7013/DO 0021; Government POC: Lindsay Buchman, NAVSEA,, 202-781-1890

Surface Maintenance Engineering Planning Program (SURFMEPP); 3.20; NAVSEA, SURFMEPP, N00178-04-D-4078/DO EH01; Government POC: Tom Gallagher, Deputy OIC,, 757-967-3411

Office of Naval Research (ONR) Code 30 S&T Portfolio Support; 3.2, 3.16, 3.20; ONR Code 30, N62583-10-C-0335; Government POC: Mr. Cody Reese 805-982-6769

Artemis Consulting

Artemis Consulting, LLC, a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), is a business consulting firm dedicated to providing superior financial and program management consulting services to clients within the Department of Defense (DoD).  We offer our clients a team of industry experts with strong leadership and proven technical abilities.  Core company strengths include niche functional knowledge that can only be acquired through years of industry experience. Our service delivery model is built from a unique management structure, which is focused on integrated cradle to grave support.  In the Artemis business model, our highest costs are the investment in our greatest assets – the acquisition and retention of quality employees with significant and applicable experience. The Artemis team offers strong leadership and task management through a unique mix of financial, accounting, comptroller, and niche program experience. Each member of the Artemis team has a history of providing exceptional client service, consistently setting business standards, and exceeding project requirements.

Past Performance:

Administrative Support, Financial Management Support; 3.20, 3.21; SPAWAR; N00178-06-D-4688, NS03; Barbara Edwards,

Financial Management, Acquisition Management; 3.20; SPAWAR; N00178-06-D-4688, NS02; Albina Guzman,

Financial Management, Acquisition Management; 3.20; SPAWAR; N00178-06-D-4688, NS01; Albina Guzman,


AUSGAR Technologies, Inc, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), located in San Diego, California, is a growing organization that provides professional and technical support services focused on systems and security engineering and integration, research, development, and testing (RDT&E) and large scale experiment services for DoD laboratories; acquisition system commands, state and local governments and commercial industries. Core AUSGAR capabilities include: Comprehensive cyber/security engineering support specific to Information Systems Security Engineering (ISSE), Information Assurance (IA) and Certification and Accreditation (C&A); Network and IT support; Exercise and Experimentation Support; In-the-field Training and Operational Support; On-the-Move (OTM) Communications Development; Operational Concept Development/Refinement; Sensor Integration; and; New Technology Assessment, Prototyping & Integration assistance to military and industry customers using state-of-the-art technology.

Past Performance:

Multiple - Sys Eng, Sec Eng, IA, C&A, Experimentation, New Technology Assessment and Integration; 3.1-3.6, 3.10-3.12, 3.14, 3.18-3.21; SPAWAR Code 50F30, N00178-05-D-4200 NS03; Olivia Amaro, Phone: 619-524-7351, Email:

Multiple - Sys Eng, Sec Eng, IA, C&A, Experimentation, New Technology Assessment and Integration; 3.1-3.6, 3.10-3.12, 3.14, 3.18-3.21; SPAWAR 5.0/7.0 N00178-05-D-4200 NS02 and NS01; Mark Armstrong, (619) 437-5879,

Multiple - Systems Engineering, SATCOM, Networks on the Move, New Technology Assessment and Integration, Prototype Development; 3.1-3.2, 3.4-3.6, 3.12, 3.14, 3.19; Alion Science and Technology SPO-700-99-D-0301,19236KR 008, DO 212; John Sloan Phone: 703-998-1690 Email:

Barling Bay

Barling Bay, LLC, an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC)-owned, Small Disadvantaged, Minority Business, which provides expertise in the areas of Systems & Software Engineering, Information Assurance (IA), Research & Development, and Program Management. Our administrative professionals bring the best processes encountered from years of experience working with U.S. Government Departments including the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and Justice. Barling Bay engineers remain on the cutting-edge of emerging technology and can be deployed to support military facilities around the globe. Our teams work alongside our customers to overcome every technical and administrative challenge and get the job done right.

Past Performance:

Engineering, IT, Administrative; 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21, & 3.22; SSC-LANT, N65236-09-D-3813; Dierdre Scott, (843) 218-2449,

Engineering, IT, Administrative; 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.14, 3.16, 3.18, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; SSC-LANT, N65236-08-D-6861; Dierdre Scott (843) 218-2449,

Engineering, IT, Administrative; 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21, & 3.22; SSC-LANT, N00178-05-D-4209-V701; Mark Pipkin (202) 284-9758,


Boarhog LLC, a certified HUBZone, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (HUBZone, SDVOSB), offers a decade of experience working with over a hundred innovative small businesses, large defense companies, the US Navy’s Information Dominance Systems Command (SPAWAR), and the San Diego chapters of AFCEA and ITEA to advance the assessment and fielding of important capabilities into the hands of the warfighters. Small businesses offering innovative capabilities have experienced a “valley of death” over to the Command and Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems developed, tested, fielded, and maintained by the Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Command and associated Program Executive Offices (PEOs). Boarhog LLC is recognized as an industry leader in bridging the “valley of death” by employing proven methods and effectively leveraging the significant Test and Evaluation expertise and resources of both Team SPAWAR and Industry.

Past Performance:

Boarhog LLC is a new start Small Business. Boarhog LLC's Co-founders transitioned from leadership positions (Deputy Program Manager & Program Development Lead) on Lockheed Martin's (N00039-09-R-0027) CANES team in 2012 to start Boarhog. CANES performance required the management of sub-contractors, full-lifecycle system engineering/development/design/test/evaluation, market survey for technologies, logistics planning, etc. for the development of the Navy's next generation afloat tactical computer system that had to host up to 600 C4I applications. The primary goals of the CANES program are to: 1) Build a secure afloat network required for Naval and Joint operations; 2) Consolidate and reduce the number of afloat networks through the use of mature cross domain technologies and common computing environment infrastructure; 3) Reduce the infrastructure footprint and associated costs for hardware afloat; 4) Provide increased reliability, application hosting, and other capabilities to meet current and projected warfighter requirements; and 5) Federate Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES) Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Core Services to the tactical edge to support overall Department of Defense (DoD) Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) applications migration to a SOA environment. The CANES program will enable increased efficiencies through integration of existing legacy and standalone afloat C4ISR networks by providing an adaptable, responsive, IT platform to meet rapidly changing warfighting requirements.

Bowhead Information

Bowhead Information Technology Service, LLC, an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Bowhead Information & Technology Service, LLC (BITS) was established in 2003. BITS provides expertise to meet customers’ needs in IT facilities management, database planning and design, systems analysis and design, Network services, programming, conversion support, implementation support, network services project management and data / records management. The company supports multiple federal agencies, including the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and the US Food and Drug Administration. BITS is an Alaska Native owned small business.  The dedicated staff at BITS brings a depth of subject matter expertise and experience in managing large and small projects. This proficiency has resulted in a reputation for excellence that allows Bowhead to recruit and retain highly-qualified professional employees. BITS has employees located at Dahlgren, Virginia; Charleston, South Carolina; Vicksburg, Mississippi; Pensacola, Florida; and Washington, D.C.  The BITS team has fostered and maintained valued customer relationships and commitments in spite of an ever-changing market. We not only have evolved to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, but also developed into a prime contractor that provides best value and cost-effective support to our federal customer. Our BITS employees will continue the tradition of supporting Federal Government requirements with proven technology and experience-tested management support.

Past Performance:

Technical Writing Services; 3.20; NSWC Crane. Bowhead is sub to Gryphon in this effort. Prime:  N00178-04-D-4061/FC01; Stephanie Mikels, Gryphon,

Program Management Support; 3.20; NAVAIR Aircraft Division, PMA-275 Joint Program Office; N00178-08-D-5651/M801; Mike Bryan, COR,

Technical Engineering Services and Support; 3.20; SPAWAR Code 533; N65236-10-D-3815; Gary Clark, COR,
Technical and Operational Support; 3.20; Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD); N00178-10-D-3010; Wayne Russell, COR,

Campus Area Network; 3.20; U.S. Army (Fort Eustis); W911SO-11-D-0056; Jerome Boren, COR,

Cypher Analytics, Inc.

Cypher Analytics, Inc., an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) has fifteen years of experience providing strategic project management, cost estimating and financial analysis, acquisition and contract management, integrated master scheduling (IMS), and systems engineering support to Team SPAWAR, including BLII ONE-NET and Piers programs, PMW 160 Tactical Networks, PMW 130 Information Assurance and Cyber Security, and SSC Pacific.

Past Performance:

Engineering Support; 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.10, 3.12, 3.19; SPAWAR HQ, N00039-14-C-5240; Nikolas Simon, 619-524-7557

Engineering, Production / Installation, Program Support; 3.19, 3.20; SSC PAC, N66001-13-C-0070; Jose Valladares, 619-553-7042

Program, Business, and Financial Management Support; 3.20; SPAWAR HQ N00039-16-C-0056; Nikolas Simon, 619-524-7557

Engineering, Financial, and Program Support; 3.2, 3.19, 3.20; DITCO, HC1028-16-D-0004; David Clark, 619-553-2026

PMO, Production / Installation, Program Support; 3.19, 3.20; SSC PAC, N66001-15-C-0064; Carolyn Pederson, 619-524-7419


Coridan Corporation, a Small, Disadvantaged, Woman Owned Business, provides Information Technology (IT) consulting, program and project management, IT service management solutions, and security system services to federal and state government agencies. Collectively, Coridan's three principals have over 85 years of experience in delivering IT program and project management and systems engineering.

Past Performance:

Business Process Reengineering, Strategy, Program and Project Management, Policy, Service Catalog; 3.2, 3.5, 3.11, 3.12, 3.14, 3.18, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22. MSC N00033-10-D-6506 Leslie Robertson, 202-685-6326

C R Fike, Inc., a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), specializes in engineering support for the Department of Defense. C R Fike, Inc focus has been on the C4ISR community and provides services such as: System and Process Engineering Support in the areas of Naval Operations, Information Technology and Software Architectures; Modeling and Simulation support in Analysis and DODAF product development; Joint Rapid Architecture Experiment management and documentation; System Design Documentation and Technical Data support for software projects developed to CMMI SEI Level 3; Program Management support including general management, development of project and management plans, budgets, risk documents, and briefing support.

Past Performance:

  • Systems Engineering Support for the OPNAV N6 Deep Lightning Bolt Project. Deep Lightning Bolt (DLB) provides rapid response to emergent Fleet technology gaps. It is primarily focused on improving communications including: UHF & EHF SATCOM , LOS, and HEW. POC Kathy Bennett 619-524-7306
  • Subject Matter Expert Support to SPAWAR 5.1.1 for various OPNAV N8 and N6 Modeling and Simulation studies. Included in the efforts are development of DODAF products, analysis of communications networks, modeling multiple excursions such as SATCOM Vulnerability, Communications Reach Back, CANES and others. Judith Byram 619-524-7246

Chugach Information Technology, Inc., an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), provides a full scope of IT solutions to ensure our government customers are better informed, connected and secure. Our specialists bring together a technical, operations and management team with extensive experience in information systems, technology services, facilities management and professional consulting.

Past Performance:

  1. N00178-04-D-4079, TO 0021, sub to LM
  2. N00178-04-D-4066, TO EH04, sub to ALION
  3. N00178-14-D-7987, TO 0002, sub to VALKYRIE
DELTA Resources, Inc.

DELTA Resources, Inc., a Large Business, provides Program Management Support, Business Financial Management (POM, PPBE, ERP), Information Technology, Engineering, Risk Management, Earned Value Management, Administrative Support, and Acquisition Planning services.

Past Performance:

Contract Number: N0017804D4034/EX01; Contract Title: Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition (ASN RDA) Support; Prime/Sub: Prime; Customer: CDR Brett Schwartz POC and Phone No.: (703) 693-8825

Contract Number: N0017804D4034/FC01; Contract Title: NSWC Crane Security Support; Prime/Sub: Prime; Customer: Leslie Mitchell POC and Phone No.: (812) 854-1080

Contract Number: N0017804D4034/MU61; Contract Title: USMC PdM ES Support; Prime/Sub: Prime; Customer: Jonathan York; POC and Phone No.: (703) 432-3745

Domain X Technologies

Domain X Technologies, a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) is a team of dedicated and experienced defense industry professionals providing acquisition, project management, systems engineering, information assurance, training, and logistics expertise to select DoD clients.

Past Performance:

Engineering; 3.1;3.2;3.5;3.6;3.12;3.20; JPMIS SPO700-00-D-3180; Mr. Scott White, JPM IS,

Effecture, LLC

Effecture, LLC, an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), has been founded on a commitment to three principles: Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Economics. For years, we have delivered first-rate IT solutions and network technology without compromising their cost effectiveness or the expediency with which they are implemented. With our expert engineers, efficient processes, and acute sensitivity to an organization’s needs, we offer a uniquely complete solution to our customers.   Effectiveness -We work in collaboration with you to determine your projected needs. This information is used to deliver networks and IT solutions that not only facilitate current processes, but that have the capacity for increased activity as your business grows into the future.  Efficiency - The rapid transmission of knowledge and information is an increasingly essential aspect of the business world. We value your need to have information systems in place and make meeting our deadlines an essential component of our service.  Economics - Each organization has its own scope and the need to thrive within its sector. In assessing network solutions to our clients, we note the breadth of their needs and apply existing infrastructure to our network designs yielding economical, environmentally conscious solutions.  Effecture, LLC, headquartered in San Diego, CA is an 8(a) certified small disadvantaged business specializing in technology consulting.  Effecture’s services meet the highest standard of excellence. With a background in Department of Defense solutions, Effecture has demonstrated the ability to provide robust, survivable and secure solutions guaranteed to perform under the most demanding circumstances. We bring this level of expertise to our corporate and small business clients, yielding powerful, dependable technology solutions. We welcome our clients to be a part of our process by telling us exactly what they need and when they need it. This enables us to work with a full picture of your organization in mind, custom building technology solutions to achieve your objectives- effectively, efficiently, and economically.

Past Performance:

Engineering; 3.1, 3.2, 3.5, 3.12, 3.14, 3.19; SSC PAC 551; N66001-11-D-0017; Felix Dial,

Engineering; 3.2, 3.5, 3.12, 3.14, 3.19; SSC PAC 535; N66001-13-D-0093; Siobhan Bowen,

Engineering; 3.1, 3.2, 3.5; PMW 790; Kari McDonald,


Evidence Based Research, Inc. (EBR), a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), is a research, development, and analysis company that focuses on supporting efficient and effective decision making. The company uses extensive scientific, technical, and intelligence expertise to develop relevant, insightful, and effective solutions to critical issues. EBR's plan of attack starts with a firm grasp of existing research and knowledge (saving both time and money) and the development of a coherent approach that identifies what additional knowledge and evidence are needed and how to obtain them. This design is implemented rigorously (and updated as the challenge is illuminated) in order to produce cost-effective products and services.

Past Performance:

  • NetOps Support to NII Subcontract (LMCO) R&D, Concept Development OASD/NII Mr. Tom Lam
  • Command and Control Research Program (CCRP) Prime R&D, Modeling and Analysis OASD/NII Dr. David S. Alberts
  • Quantitative Capability Delivery Increments (QCDI) Development for the Net Centric Capability Portfolio Subcontract (JHU Applied Physics Laboratory) R&D, Modeling and Analysis OASD/NII Mr. Craig Burris, APL

Ferguson Defense Industries (FDI), a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), specializes in the area of Defense Systems and Equipment to include Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical System and Instrument Manufacturing Services.

Past Performance:

Sub - Kratos, Jay Campbell, 760-809-4286 Consultant - SAIC, Alan Smith, 858-826-3457 Consultant - PMAT, John Spruill, 757-642-4509 Sub - CSC, Hank Ingorvate, 619-225-2860


Forward Slope, Inc. (FSI), a Small Business, is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in Computer Science, Defense Acquisition, Finance, Force Protection, Information Technology, Meteorology, and Oceanography. Staff includes cutting-edge technologists, data management experts, and retired military officers. Clients range from small businesses in San Diego to large Department of Defense organizations.

Past Performance:

Engineering 3.1,3.2,3.5,3.6,3.7,3.10, 3.11,3.14,3.16,3.17,3.18, 3.20,3.21 PEO C4I PMW 740 Maritime Surveillance Systems N00039-08-D-0012 Technical POC- Steve Bullard 858-537-8542 Contracting POC- Carla Brown 619-524-7204

Program Support 3.10,3.12,3.18,3.20,3.21 PMW 770 N00178-05-D-4330 DO NS01 Karen S Rainville, Contracting Officer Code 2.1.2 4301 Pacific Hwy San Diego, CA 92110 858- 537-0423

General Dynamics Information Technology

General Dynamics Information Technology (IT), a Large Business, is headquartered in Fairfax, VA and is a top-tier systems integrator that provides IT, systems engineering, and professional services to customers in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, federal, civil, and commercial sectors. With 15,000 professionals worldwide (12,000+ with security clearances), the company has the customer knowledge, domain expertise, and proven performance to manage large-scale, mission-critical programs. As a trusted systems integrator for more than 50 years, General Dynamics IT uses its deep mission understanding to deliver proven services and enterprise solutions that enable customers to achieve their expanding mission requirements, meet enterprise goals, and accomplish business objectives on time and within budget.


GTSI Corp, a Large Business, is a recognized information technology solutions leader with more than two decades of experience teaming with global IT leaders in the areas of strategic consulting, business applications, and technology infrastructure. Our Technology Practice is comprised of 160 plus Subject Matter Experts with various certifications in the Enterprise Consulting arena who can assist with Product acquisition, product roadmap, technology selection and architecture design. Our Distribution and Integration facility is an ISO:9001 2004 certified facility that can address the Custom Integration, Logistics, Deployment activities associated with the Seaport-e program. We provide systems and process engineering support, information system development, information assurance, and information technology support.

Past Performance:

Type of Effort (Engineering, IT, Administrative Support, etc.): Supply & provisional support for GCCS-M (Global Command & Control System- Maritime) Functional Area of Seaport-E SOW that corresponds to work performed for the Effort: 3.17 Ordering Agency:de SPAWAR ring Agency Government POC Name and Contact information (email and phone number): Kevin Thorpe, Phone: (757) 558-5069, Email:

Type of Effort (Engineering, IT, Administrative Support, etc.): Supply & provisional support for NEMAIS (Navy Maintenance Automated Information System) Functional Area of Seaport-E SOW that corresponds to work performed for the Effort: 3.17 Ordering Agency:de SPAWAR ring Agency Government POC Name and Contact information (email and phone number): Sara Crabtree, Phone: (757) 445-1762, Email:

Type of Effort (Engineering, IT, Administrative Support, etc.): Design, integration & fleet introduction of IT systems (Embarkable Network Attached Storage) Functional Area of Seaport-E SOW that corresponds to work performed for the Effort: 3.2, 3.17, 3.19 Ordering Agency:de COMNAVSURFLANT ring Agency Government POC Name and Contact information (email and phone number): LT Michael Rochard, Phone: (757) 836-3062, Email:

Type of Effort (Engineering, IT, Administrative Support, etc.): Integration & provisional support for GBS (Global Broadcast Service) Functional Area of Seaport-E SOW that corresponds to work performed for the Effort: 3.12 & 3.17 Ordering Agency:de Joint Program Office (Hanscom AFB) Government POC Name and Contact information (email and phone number): Carl Lord, Phone: (703) 295-2680, Email:

H2 Performance Consulting

H2 Performance Consulting (H2PC, a Small Woman-Owned, 8(a) Disadvantaged Business, whose primary focus is on improving business and technology performance for our clients. H2 provides our clients with a blended set of solutions and services aimed at helping improve or transform business challenges into solid and successful business results. Our professionals have a sterling reputation as experts in IT project, program and portfolio management with substantial experience in technology solutions, performance, communications, change, training and acquisitions consulting, we partner with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses.

Past Performance:

IT Support Services; 3.12; Marine Corps M67861-14-C-A002; AJ Rego, (504) 697-8356

Technical Support Services; 3.2; PMW 240 (DON) N0039-14-D-0007; Katie Petrillo 757) 541-5857

Technical Services and Enterprise Architecture Support; 3.5; PMW 240 (DON) N0039-14-D-0011; Rich Sweetman, (850) 473-6489

IT Program Management; 3.20; SSC LANT (NOLA) N65236-10-C-L700; Cheryl Bruza (504) 697-5509

Facilities Support Services; 3.17; SSC LANT (NOLA) N65236-12-D-3829, Task Order 0001; George Womack (504) 697-5520

Imagine One

Imagine One Technology & Management, Ltd., an 8(a), Woman-Owned Small Disadvantaged Business (8(a), WOSDB), provides key services in the areas of program and business financial management, international program management, C4ISR, test and evaluation, integrated logistics support, integration, quality assurance, SOA testing, developmental testing, software development, integration of COTS products, interactive multimedia design and development, distance learning systems, CBT/WBT, and acquisition life cycle support. Imagine One has four major offices in the Mid-Atlantic region, and employees deployed worldwide.

Past Performance:

  • Engineering NAVAIR PMA 273 N00178-05-D-4367 Ms. Alewtina Musarro, COR Phone (301) 757-5205
  • Engineering Carrier Planning Activity N00178-05-D-4367 Mr. John Graziani Phone (202) 781-3822
  • Engineering PEO Aircraft Carriers N00178-04-D-4030-EH04 Mr. John Graziani Phone (202) 781-3822
Infinity Systems Engineering LLC

Infinity Systems Engineering LLC, a Small Business (SB), specializing in mission support services to the Milstar and Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) missions for the 4th Space Operations Squadron (4 SOPS). Our team provides Milstar/AEHF strategic communications support services, tactical planning services, Milstar/AEHF Cryptographic and communications security (COMSEC) operations support services, computerized communications planning tool services, Milstar/AEHF systems technical services, and additional and quick response services. Develop and recommend low, medium, and extended data rate resource partitions, based on actual usage for Unified Combatant Command (UCC) theater's users during the apportionment (resource allocation) schedule development process. Monitor directed networks to ensure correct network configurations are met and to identify to the 4 SOPS/DOZ any undocumented terminal limitations or other systemic problems. Create strategic and tactical user advisory report that identifies networks inconsistent with Joint Staff directives. Review all tactical networks submitted through the Satellite Access Authorization (SAA) process to ensure communications are effectively and efficiently planned using the MCPT-i and MPE planning tools.

Past Performance:

Engineering, IT, Mission/User Support, Software Maintenance, Training, Test Configuration Management (CM) Support, Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support, Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support, Training Support, Program SupportUSAF/50th Space Wing Prime: FA2550-12-C-8008 Mr. Mike Walker (719) 567-7014

Engineering, Test, Training, Software Development Research and Development Support, Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support, Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support, Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support, Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support, Training Support Lockheed Martin Corporation Prime: 02ESM456142 Subcontract: 4100482712 Ms. Lacie Eschbach (LMIS&GS) (610) 354-3215 Mr. Salvatore Cianci (Gov't) (619) 524-7184

Engineering, Test, Software Development Same as above Lockheed Martin Corporation Prime: F04701-02-C-0002 Subcontract: RRMGS3201 and BBMKS8101 Mr. Christopher Mark (LMIS&GS) (610) 354-4675 Mr. Joseph Davidson (Gov't) (310) 833-6428

Infinity Datacom Solutions LLC, a Small Business (SB), offers premier services and solutions to ensure our customers are keeping up with the leading edge of technology.

Past Performance:

  1. IT Installation; Spawar/N00039-11-D-0032 TO833; Kevin Doll, 843-218-5416,
  2. IT/OSP Installation; NAVFAC MID Atlantic/N40085-17-R-6511; Donald Herschberger, Contracting Officer, 843-228-8574;
  3. IT/OSP Installation; 81st Contracting Squadron, Keesler AFB, MS/FA3010-18-R-0023; Maxwell Watanga Fax # 228-377-3298,
  4. IT, Pierside Connectivity; Spawar/N00039-11-D-0032; Loi Truong, 619-977-7670,
KinetX, Inc

Investment Management Enterprise (IME), an Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), has delivered customized solutions to government agencies, institutions of higher education, commercial business, and not-for-profit organizations nationwide since 2000. They specialize in forward-thinking management consulting, full life cycle acquisition support, emergency preparedness and vulnerability management, and information technology solutions. IME brings a non-traditional, innovative approach that solves existing problems while anticipating and mitigating new ones.

Past Performance:

Program Support; 3.20; FAA; N00024-11-D-7010, D.O. 0011 (CDO Technologies); DJ Sellers

Training Support; 3.18; Commonwealth of Virginia, Secretary of Public Safety; John Marshall

Quality Assurance (QA) Support; 3.11; DFAS; HQ0421-05-C-5000; Chuck Marsh, Program Manager,

ITT Corporation

ITT Corporation, a Large Business, is a diversified high-technology engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to creating more livable environments, enabling communications and providing protection and safety. The company plays an important role in vital markets including water and fluids management, global defense and security, and motion and flow control. ITT is headquartered in White Plains, NY, and employs approximately 40,000 people serving customers in more than 50 countries.

Past Performance:

Type of Effort: SATCOM policy support Functional Area: 3.2 - Engineering, System Engineering and process engineering support. Ordering Agency: OASD NIL Government POC: Daniel Price 703-607-0269

JANUS Research Group, Inc.

JANUS Research Group, Inc., a Large Business, provides integrated product support (IPS), integrated logistics support (ILS), and total package fielding (TPF) as part of the acquisition deployment of the Army’s tactical information technology (IT) suite of equipment, systems and networks. JANUS specializes in delivering timely and accurate logistics support to commanders who are performing continuous full spectrum military operations, whether they be State, Federal or expeditionary in nature. JANUS is highly experienced in providing full lifecycle Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Total Package Fielding Support (TPFS) and New Equipment Training (NET) for the DOD. We have a demonstrated record of providing cost-effective logistically supportable strategies. Our logisticians are highly trained in ILS and are capable of delivering “best of breed” support for all areas of ILS to include manpower and personnel, training, maintenance support, supply support, computer and testing equipment support, and packaging, handling, storage and transportation (PHS&T).


Leidos, Inc., a Large Business, makes the world safer, healthier, and more efficient through information technology, engineering, and science.

Past Performance:

  1. System Engineering, Design, Development for JNMS; Similar Engineering efforts to the JENM Product, specifically SOW 3.1; 3.2; 3.5; 3.6; 3.10; 3.12; 3.18; 3.20; Joint Network Management System (JNMS) Support Services Communications Electronics Command. DAAB07-01-D-5405; John Onieal (732) 427-1589
  2. System Engineering, Design, Development for JENM; 3.1; 3.2; 3.5; 3.6; 3.10; 3.12; 3.18; 3.20; Casandra Chambliss (703) 803-1999
KOAM Engineering Systems, Inc.

KOAM Engineering Systems, Inc., a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) provides management and command-wide standardized preparation of all phases and types of Permanent and Non-Permanent Ship Change Documents (SCDs) (i.e.: Ship Modification (Shipalt), Internal Equipment Modification (Engineering Changes (EC), Field Change Bulletin (FCB) and Software Delivery (SWD)) for various ship classes and associated shore sites. In addition, KOAM Engineering Systems provides Product and Platform PMWs and other applicable commands within the C4I shipboard and shore installation communities with the support to generate a wide variety of drawings to support their engineering and installation efforts.

Past Performance:

Provide management and command-wide standardized preparation of all phases and types of Permanent and Non-Permanent Ship Change Documents (SCDs) (i.e.: Ship Modification (Shipalt), Internal Equipment Modification (Engineering Changes (EC), Field Change Bulletin (FCB) and Software Delivery (SWD)) for various ship classes and associated shore sites.; N00178-05-D-4420, Scott Hetkey SPAWAR PMW 760 4301 Pacific Highway San Diego, CA 92110 (858)537-8611;

KES’ primary function has been configuration management, systems engineering, hardware and software integration/ testing, technical services, vendor-management services, and operations/engineering support for the Combined Test Bed. The work encompasses hardware, software and COMSEC/CMS aspects of legacy and new Tactical Data Link and C4I-SR technologies, Advanced Combat Direction Systems Block 0, Block 1 and Aegis Weapons Systems, Command and Control Processor, Common Data Link Management System , Multi-functional Information Distribution System and Joint Tactical Information Distribution System terminal testing, multi-platform testing , distributed testing utilizing the C4ISR capabilities and connectivity. Additionally, provided “live” Fleet support, U.S., Allied and NATO forces.;

N66001-10-D-0124, Siobhan Bowen SPAWAR SYSTEMS CENTER PACIFIC, CODE 535 53560 Hull Street San Diego, CA 92152 (619)553-3612;

KinetX, Inc

KinetX, Inc, a Small Business, is an innovative engineering, technology, software development and business consulting firm providing complete systems solutions. Our primary areas of expertise include: concept of operations development; requirements and architecture development for ground station, launch and space vehicles; ground station hardware and software design and integration; launch vehicle dispenser design; space vehicle bus and payload hardware and software design and integration.

Past Performance:

Engineering and Analyses Services to PMW-146's MUOS Program Functional Categories: 3.2, 3.3, 3.5, 3.6, 3.12, 3.14, 3.20 MUOS Contract Numbers: KinetX #677988; Prime Contract #: CP02H8901N Customer: Tuan Nugyen, PMW-146,(858) 537-0543

Systems Engineering, Hardware and Software Development, Subsystem, and System Testing and Related Engineering Products for the Navy BAMS UAV Functional Categories: 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.12, 3.14, 3.20 BAMS Contract Number: KinetX # 834543; Prime Contract # N00019-08-C0023 RC Henty, BAMS UAS Avionics, (301) 757-5826

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc., a Large Business, (now Kratos Defense & Rocket Support Services, Inc.), is a specialized National Security Technology business providing mission critical products, services and solutions for United States National Security priorities. Kratos' principal services include Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR), Weapon Systems Lifecycle Support, Military Weapon Range and Technical Services, Network Engineering Services, Advanced IT Services, Security and Surveillance Systems, and Critical Infrastructure Design and Integration Services.

Past Performance:

  • C4I Support SPAWAR N66001-03-D-5002 Ozzie Hunter (858) 812-7300
  • T&E Support U.S. Air Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center, Kirtland Air Force Base SEA993-97-C-0004 Aubrey Kunishige (808) 335-4431
  • T&E / Engineering / Logistics / Training Support Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division N68936-97-C-0036 Karen Draper (805) 989-5936

Lynxnet LLC, an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (8(a), SDB), specializes in Installation Management Support, Installation Advance Planning Support, and Installation Technical Support.

Past Performance:

Installation Management Support-8.1-USCG – C4IT Service Center HSCG44-10-D-PCZ101Mary Ann Graham: 757-483-8644

Installation Advance Planning Support-8.2-USCG – C4IT Service Center HSCG44-10-D-PCZ101 Mary Ann Graham: 757-483-8644

Installation Technical Support-8.3-USCG – C4IT Service Center HSCG44-10-D-PCZ101 Mary Ann Graham: 757-483-8644


ManTech, a Large Business, was founded in 1968 to provide advanced technological services to the United States government. We began with a single contract with the U.S. Navy to develop war-gaming models for the submarine community. Over the years, our government's technology needs have increased dramatically in scope and sophistication, and we have grown to meet that challenge. For more than 4 decades, we kept a careful eye on where emerging technologies were taking the government, and we developed the resources to master those technologies—by staying close to our customers and anticipating their needs, hiring talented professionals to propel us into the future, and acquiring companies with proven capabilities. Today, we are a multi-billion-dollar public company that provides the innovation, adaptability, and critical thinking our government needs for success in defense, intelligence, law enforcement, science, administration, health, and other fields—throughout the nation and in many countries throughout the world. We are now applying the lessons learned in the unforgiving arena of national security to help the private sector protect networks and critical information.

Michael Spinelli - Information Assurance Consultant

Michael Spinelli - Information Assurance Consultant, a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), provides Functional Area support which includes: 8.17 Provide Navy/Joint mission operations and information system architecture expertise to support Multinational Information Sharing (MNIS) Analysis of Alternatives (AoA).

Past Performance:

Type of Effort: MNIS ICD Ordering Agency: STF Customer: Gordon Call (703) 465-5226.

Type of Effort: CANES CDS Study Ordering Agency: ICH Customer: Robert Babiskin (301) 717-9929.

Type of Effort: Air Force Technical Assessments Ordering Agency: ICH Customer: Robert Babiskin, (301) 717-9929.

Mid Atlantic Engineering Technical Serivces, Inc.

Mid Atlantic Engineering Technical Serivces, Inc. (MAETS), a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), brings specific talent in the areas of Navy and Joint Command, Control, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) and combat systems; SATCOM, UHF, VHF and HF communication systems and maintenance; Tactical and Navigation Radar Systems and site maintenance; network system integration and implementation; marine electrical installation and services and AIT services for shipboard and shore site facilities. MAETS has facilities located in the Tidewater, VA area.

Past Performance:

Engineering and Technical Support Services 3.5, 3.8, 3.10, 3.11, 3.14, 3.15, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19 DAAB07-03-D-B012 VSE Corporation Subcontract# F052022 Dennis Scherf Phone: 757-558-5231 Email:

In-Service Engineering Support Services 3.14, 3.19 N65236-06-D-8848 VT Milcom PO# 2101213 Don Chapman Phone: 757-463-2800 Ext. 79219 Email:

Modernization, Testing & Training Support Services 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.8, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.14, 3.15, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21 N65236-07-D-8842 Ki, LLC Subcontract# A10-000708 George Oakley – SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Phone: 843-218-4547 Email:

Morgan Business Consulting

Morgan Business Consulting, a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), was established in 2003. Our customers are government agencies and commercial businesses. They come to us seeking Management and IT consulting services because we provide staff steeped in our solution set, who deliver not just outcomes, but impact. Located across the United States and Southeast Asia, our staff brings collaboration, enthusiasm, and relentless execution to meet each customer's unique challenge.

Past Performance:

  1. Financial Management; Financial Management (O&MN, RDTA&E, SCN); NAVSEA N0017804-D-4066 EH10; Laura Neske 202.781.5239
Networks InMocean, Inc.

Networks InMocean, Inc. (NiM), a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), is headquartered in San Diego, California. NiM specializes in network design, testing and integration and has extensive experience in designing and integrating converged Voice, Video and Data over Wide Area Network (terrestrial and RF) data links. NiM focuses on DoD clients, particularly the US Navy. NiM has lead the design and deployment of advanced ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore networks comprising of various security classifications over existing military communications systems, as well as supporting the development of advanced IP capable networks for the next generation of Naval IP networking.

Past Performance:

1. Type of Effort:ADNS engineering – Provided Systems Design and Engineering, software development and fleet support Functional Areas: 3.1, 3.2, 3.6, 3.19 Ordering Agency: SPAWAR Government POC Name:Matt Suplee,, (619)553-5969

2. Type of Effort: M2C2 – Investigated possible antenna options for COTM. Supported the design of a QOS application Functional Areas: 3.1 Ordering Agency: ONR

3. Type of Effort: Submarine SWFTS – Provided input to for possible program development Functional Areas: 3.1


NicTec, a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), provides C4I test and evaluation, satellite engineering, integration, and program management. 3.2 Engineering, systems engineering, and process engineering support. 3.12 Information Systems (IS) development, information assurance (IA) and information technology (IT) support. 3.14 Interoperability, test and evaluation, trials support. 3.19 In-service engineering, fleet introduction, installation, and checkout support. 3.20 Program Support.

Past Performance:

PEO C4I (functional areas 3.2 and 3.20) Contract N65236-03-D-3716 Customer: Michael Virnig (858-537-0388)

Commercial Wideband Satellite Program (CWSP) ISEA Engineering, Technical, and Programmatic Support (functional areas 3.2, 3.14, 3.19, and 3.20) Contract N65236-05-F-4075 Mark Luther (858-558-6692)

Programmatic Support for C4I Programs, Systems, and Equipment to include Engineering and Technical Expertise (functional areas 3.2, 3.12, 3.14, and 3.20) NAVNETWARCOM Contract N65236-03-D-5853 John Undset (757-417-7917)

PM tec, Inc.

PM tec, Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with over 20 years of experience providing project management solutions to clients world-wide. We service all types and sizes of projects implementing cost-effective solutions to project planning, execution and integration and control. PM tec is an Authorized Oracle Primavera reseller servicing clients in Arizona, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Texas. Our services include consulting, implementation and in-depth training in the areas of project management, cost control, document control and risk analysis.


Professional Software Engineering Inc. (dba PROSOFT), a Small Business (SB), located in Virginia, was formed in 1984. PROSOFT's core competencies are Systems and Software Engineering, Network and Infrastructure Engineering, Training Development and Delivery, and Program and Administrative Support. We provide information systems engineering, systems analysis and engineering, C4I systems integration, modeling and simulation, training, and networking and telecommunications for customers across the United States Federal Government and the Department of Defense as well as supporting state and local governments.

Past Performance:

  1. Research and Development, Prototyping, Preproduction and Fabrication, Quality Assurance; 3.1, 3.4, 3.5, 3.11, 3.16, 3.20, 3.21; N65236-12-D-4832, DO 004; Lyle Witten,, (843) 218-4743
  2. Engineering, IT, information Assurance, Program Managemt, Software Devlopment, Financial and Administrative Support; 3.2, 3.6, 3.10, 3.12, 3.16, 3.20, 3.21; Seaport, N00178-04-D-4107-Order #EHP3; Scott Gustavson,, (757) 462-4074
  3. Systems Analysis, Web Development, Database Management Services, Systems Engineering, Content Management; 3.2,3.5,3.6, 3.12, 3.20; Seaport, N00178-04-D-4107 Order #EHP212; Jim DiTaranto NSWCPD 23 Aircraft Carrier Division Manager 215-897-1006,
  4. Software and Network Engieering, Information Assurance (IA) and intrusion and detection; enterprise content management; database administration and management; system administration; and content management; 3.2, 3.6, 3.11, 3.12, 3.18, 3.20; Contract #: N00178-04-D-4107 Order #: N65236-17-F-3128; Xavier Calderon SSC Atlantic Code 55130 (757) 203-6510,

Rapier Engineering and Design Solutions LLC, a Veteran Owned, Woman Owned Small Business (VOWOSB), provides Network Design, Solutions Architecture, and System Integration and Implementation support services.

Past Performance:

Not Available

Resolute Defense Systems Engineering, Inc., a Small Business, provides engineering support for the Department of Defense. Resolute Defense focuses on C4I capabilities, specializing in communications and network systems. Functional areas that services are provided in are: Engineering, Systems Engineering and Process Engineering Support; Information Systems Development, Information Assurance, and Information Technology Support; Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support; and Program Support.

Past Performance:

3.2 (Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support) / 3.5 (System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support) SSC Pacific, N66001-09-D-0026 Pete Rieth,; (619) 206-7140

Saint Security Services LLC, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), provides Information Assurance, Information Systems Security Engineering, Security Operations, Risk Assessment, Certification & Accreditation

Past Performance:

IT Security Engineering 3.6 / 3.12 Marine Forces Pacific, M00264-10-D-0002 James Yamanaka,, 808-477-840

Information Assurance 3.12 Marine Corps Systems Command, M67854-11-C-4912 Rachel Payne, 703-597-6152

Information Assurance 3.12 Department of Veterans Affairs G.-A. Morin,, 617-645-1834


SCIENCE APPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CORP (SAIC), a Large Business, and its subsidiaries have more than 43,000 employees with offices in over 150 cities worldwide. Our information systems and technology solutions are helping speed and improve service delivery and giving decision makers better information to make decisions. Our next generation networks are helping clients create new markets in converged voice, video, and data services. Our e-business solutions are creating unprecedented collaboration and efficiency throughout complex value chains. Our wireless solutions are opening up new communications with remote areas faster and better than ever before.

Sentek Consulting, Inc

Sentek Consulting, Inc. dba Sentek Global, a Small Disadvantaged (SDB), Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB), for more than a decade, Sentek Global has led by example in providing highly technical services to support government and commercial programs. From defense information assurance certification training initiatives and government IT project management support to military command and control system engineering as well as commercial network security assurance, we can create cost effective solutions that work from Day One.  Our team includes a unique and valuable mix of IT security and program managers working alongside retired senior military, government, and business managers. Doing so provides the company with decades of detailed technology and proven leadership experience, along with a reputation for expertly assisting our clients in meeting their requirements, expanding their programs and accomplishing their missions.

Past Performance:

Certification & Accreditation (C&A) Support SPAWAR 053; N00178-05-D-4556-NS01; Paul Hilton

Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Prototype Acceleration Project Transition and Planning; N00178-05-D-4556-NS02; Martin Brown, Jr.

MIDS-LVT and MIDS JTRS Program Management and Engineering Support Services; N00178-05-D-4556-NS03; Michael Posner MIDS Program Office, JPEO/JTRS 10


Smartronix, a Large Business, is a global professional solutions provider specializing in NetOps, Cyber Security, Enterprise Software Solutions, Mission Focused Engineering, and Health IT. Smartronix is headquartered in Hollywood, Maryland with operating offices in Virginia (3), North Carolina, Florida (2), Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Texas, and Arizona with more than 600 employees throughout the United States and at strategic locations in Germany, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. The company has been recognized as an Employer of Choice by Northern Virginia Family Service and as one of the fifty fastest-growing companies in the Greater Washington D.C. area and one of the top 500 and top 5000 nationally as ranked by Washington Post and Inc 500 media, respectively.

Past Performance:

Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Center (MCNOSC) Network Operations, Defense, and Logistics Support (NODLS), M67854-07-F-4923; Contracting Officer: Lisa Botkin (703)784-2785 COR: Jessica Baldwin, (703)784-2785

NAVAIR Telecommunications and Related Communication-Electronic (C-E) Systems (TARCES) SeaPort-e Task Order, N00178-05-D-4563 COR: Michael Fitzgerald (301)995-8417 Contract Specialist: Jessica Guy (301)737-7570


STARGATES, a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), has a track record of providing program management services for systems moving through the DoD acquisition process to successfully reach Initial Operating Capability (IOC). Our services include exceptional C4I, Information Technology, ship operations, and general engineering of military equipment in the area of Undersea Warfare (USW) sensors, processors, and related networks. Our capabilities include state-of-the-industry software and system prototyping, systems networking, trouble-shooting, installations, administration of remote enterprise systems, onsite systems, and help desks.

Past Performance:

Type of Effort: Program Management Support, Systems Engineering Functional Area of Seaport-E SOW that corresponds to work performed for the Effort: 7.0 USW C2 Ordering Agency: SSC-SD (FEDSIM), AT&T GOV SOL, SSC-SD, CACI; Government POC Name and Contact information (email and phone number): Pam Swiderski - (843) 218-4327 David Burkhard - (202) 651-8700 Jack Gerrard – (619) 553-4527 Bruce Urban - (703) 460-1088 Type of Effort: CM Support, QA Support, Training, IS/IA/IT Functional Area of Seaport-E SOW that corresponds to work performed for the Effort: 7.0 USW C2 Ordering Agency: SSC-SD Government POC Name and Contact information (email and phone number): Jack Gerrard – (619) 553-4527

Type of Effort: Software, In-Service Eng., Interoperability/T&E/Trials Functional Area of Seaport-E SOW that corresponds to work performed for the Effort: 7.0 USW C2 Ordering Agency: SSC-SD Government POC Name and Contact information (email and phone number): Jack Gerrard – (619) 553-4527

System Studies and Simulation, Inc.

System Studies and Simulation, Inc. (S3), a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), is headquartered in Huntsville, AL, and has 250 employees supporting Army, Air Force, and NASA programs in the majority of the functional areas specified in your requirement matrix. S3 is a full services organization providing system support to our customers with high quality subject matter experts, engineers, logisticians and program management professionals. Our experience base spans some 12 years in the Department of Defense business area in various geographical zones as spelled out in the SeaportE requirements.

Systems Research and Applications Corporation (SRA)

Systems Research and Applications Corporation (SRA), a Large Business, is dedicated to solving complex problems of great significance for government clients in defense, intelligence/homeland security/special operations, health and civil agencies. SRA's capabilities include systems engineering, development and implementation, strategic consulting, and business solutions.

Past Performance:

1.USAID/GS00T99ALD0211 DO#: GS-T0004AJM049 POC: Martha Brady (GTM) (202) 712-4561 3.12, 3.20, 3.21

2.GuardNet/GS-35F-4594G POC: Ed Byrne (COR), (703) 607-0020 3.12, 3.20, 3.21

3.TMASS, DABL01-03-F-1054, Ms. Trelli Davis, 619-524-6332 3.12, 3.20, 3.21

Tele~Consultants, Inc. (TCI)

Tele~Consultants, Inc. (TCI), a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), provides consulting support in a wide variety of information management, software development, engineering support, and network design and implementation projects. Our first client, the Department of the Navy, Space and Naval Warfare System Command (SPAWAR) contracted with TCI to be an integral team member for the development of a state-of-the-art satellite communication program supporting Ultra High Frequency (UHF), Super High Frequency (SHF), and Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Satellite Communication (SATCOM) programs as well as Internet Protocol (IP) network services and features. We are currently involved with more than 20 communications programs requiring program, financial, engineering, and logistic support services. Our commercial clients have relied on our expertise to develop customized software and to build, install, and maintain computer networks.


Tri Com Enterprises, Inc., a Small Business (SB), offers Copper and Fiber Cable placing and splicing support services.

Past Performance:

Not Applicable

The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company, a Large Business, and more specifically, The Boeing Mission Operations (MO), is a business unit of E&IS that integrates, deploys, transitions, operates and sustains satellite ground systems supporting Intelligence Community, U.S. Department of Defense, and civil and commercial customers for mission success. Capabilities include operations and sustainment of advanced intelligence, navigation, communication and space science systems such as national security, GPS II and Iridium programs. Collectively, the 1,000 dedicated Mission Operations employees provide critical round-the-clock mission management for more than 100 operational space assets. Mission Operations engineers also provide synchronized, integrated and responsive Systems Security Engineering and, Information Assurance by designing, integrating, sustaining and operating cyber defenses on Department of Defense and other government agency networks. Mission Operations Colorado (MOC) Information Assurance (IA) Center of Excellence (COE) currently supports multiple programs in various Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS) business units and external customers. The core IA team consists of 15 personnel with a wide breadth of experience levels that bring forward critical Information Technology expertise that includes communications, hardware, software, database, system administration, network engineering, and cryptologic operations. The MO IA COE, headquartered in Aurora, CO, is built on a foundation of qualified professionals that are experienced in security assessment, certification and accreditation, risk and vulnerability analysis, security test and evaluation, program protection planning, network security engineering, cross domain solutions, and various other aspects of IA. Individuals are certified through the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc. (ISC2), a vendor neutral certification organization.

Past Performance:

Contract Number for F04701-96-C-0025, Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF Ms. Elizabeth Chirdon SMC/GPSD/GPK 483 N. Aviation Blvd. El Segundo, CA 90245-2808 (310) 653-3774

U.S. Air Force Space Superiority Systems Wing Subcontract No. 7000005874 (FA8819-04-C-0002) from Northrop Grumman for Space Based Space Surveillance (SBSS) Mr. Jim Austin 483 North Aviation Blvd El Segundo, CA 90245 (310)-416-1645

Naval Air Systems Command, PMA-290 Contract number N00019-04-C-3146 for Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA)–System Development and Demonstration (SDD) - P-8A Poseidon NAVAIRSYSCOM, N00019 47123 Buse Rd, Unit IPT Bldg 2272, Suite 155, Patuxent River, MD 20670-1547 (301) 757-5248,

Trabus Technologies (TRABUS)

Trabus Technologies (TRABUS), a minority-owned, service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB), provides professional and technical services to federal, state, and local governments as well as the commercial sector. Located in San Diego, California, TRABUS incorporated with a leadership team that has proven experience in both government acquisition and federal contracting, with an average of 25 years of collective service in both public and private capacities. TRABUS leadership has past DOD Level III certifications in Program Management and Systems Engineering and is well suited to provide support in the areas of Systems Engineering, Program Management, System Acquisition, Field Support, Financial Analysis, Logistics, Contract Administration, and Administrative Support to all echelons of the government hierarchy.

Past Performance:

Providing Program Management Support to PMW 790 (Shore and Expeditionary Integration Program Office) 3.1, 3.11, 3.18, 3.20, 3.21 Prime Contract: N00178-04-D-4024 Subcontract: 97514XSB64 Ms. Liza Isorena (858) 537-0293;

Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation (VT-ARC), a private non-profit 501c3 business, is affiliated with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech or VT). VT-ARC accelerates the process of solving complex issues of national importance through the identification and application of cutting edge technologies. Our work combines strategy, policy, technology, and operational considerations in the national security domain and others. The VT-ARC business model is to be a global collaboration hub that leverages the $450M/YR basic research enterprise of Virginia Tech but also extends far beyond that robust enterprise to ensure direct access to the best technology and subject matter expertise wherever it may reside—in academia, industry, Government or internationally. VT-ARC operates out of a state of the art building with outstanding facilities in the heart of the Ballston research district in Arlington, VA. just steps away from DARPA, ONR, AFOSR, and NSF who collectively fund >$13B/year in research and development (R&D).

Vencore, Inc.

Vencore, Inc., a Large Business, serves customers across the Departments of Defense (DOD) and Homeland Security, and many civilian agencies to include: Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA); US Strategic Command; U.S. Navy; U.S. Army; U.S Air Force; U.S. Marine Corps; Department of Homeland Security; Missile Defense Agency; NRO; DARPA; NASA; Department of Energy; Joint Agencies; and the Intelligence Community. VSS provides Systems Engineering, Scientific & Technology, Software Development, Training, Operational Logistics and Life Cycle Support, Test and Evaluation, Program Management, Information Assurance, Configuration Management, Architecture Development, Modeling and Simulation, Safety, and Knowledge Management services for Navy and Marine Corps customers. Vencore, Inc. has achieved Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Maturity Level III and Capabilities Level IV, ISO 9001 Corporate and twelve Office Certifications.

Past Performance:

  1. USMC, Marine Corps Systems Command, CEOss Were the largest-volume Engineering and Scientific support services provider support for MARCORSYSCOM.
  2. U.S. Army Aviation We are the prime developer of Unit Level Logistics Systems-Army (ULLS-A), the Army’s worldwide standard for aircraft maintenance management
  3. U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) We are the prime developer of the Conditioned Based Maintenance-Data Warehouse program, and also serve as a prime contractor for a wide range of technical services under an EXPRESS BPA contract.
  4. U.S. Army Aviation Technical Test Center (ATTC) We prepare test plans and analyze data and systems performance for all aviation platforms and subsystems.
Vector Planning and Services, Inc

Vector Planning and Services, Inc. (VPSI), a Small Business, was established in 1997 and represents a business approach based on the philosophy of continually striving to exceed the expectations of our clients; developing and maintaining solid, lasting, relationships with our partners; and providing a rewarding and motivating work environment for our employees. Every aspect of our vision encompasses a commitment to these principles. We have adhered to this goal since our inception and tests this commitment daily to ensure the highest possible quality and satisfaction with the services and solutions that we provide. At VPSI, we do not believe that one size fits all. We believe that standardized practices and procedures, combined with innovative ideas, lend themselves to solutions that are portable and compatible with the solutions of tomorrow. Our innovative, cost effective and robust solutions are propelled by the dedication of our organization and are a reflection of our commitment to continued excellence and Total Quality Management. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of corporate quality. We are aware of both Government and Industry desires to drive efficiency and quality results by intelligently using proven methodologies, such as Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), Kaizen, Lean/Six Sigma, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) processes. We combine the elements of these proven methodologies to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and quality possible, and we ensure this quality per our own CMMI Level Maturity Level 3 appraised processes.

Past Performance:

Engineering; 3.2, 3.12, 3.18, 3.20; SPAWAR; N00178-05-D-4646-NS05; Ms. Toy Walker;; 858-537-8502

Engineering; 3.2, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.14, 3.18, 3.20, 3.22; SPAWAR; N00178-05-D-4646-NS07; Mr. George Tedding;; 619-524-7782


X-Feds, a Small Business, provides information security, engineering, systems integration, technical and business services to the U.S. military, agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense, the intelligence community, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other U.S. government civil agencies, as well as to customers in selected commercial markets.

Past Performance:

Performed in all functional areas of the task listed above for NS01 and NS02 under contract N00178-05-D-4664


Accenture Federal Services, LLC, a Large Business, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accenture LLP, delivering federal solutions that help our clients seize opportunities amid significant challenges and change. US federal agencies trust us to help them deliver public service for the future because we work, think and contract differently.

Past Performance:

Engineering; 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.14; PEO Space (PMW 146); Salvatore M. Cianci, Procuring Contracting Officer, Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command,

IT; 3.12; PEO Space (PMW 146); Salvatore M. Cianci, Procuring Contracting Officer, Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command;

Administrative; 3.16, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; PEO Space (PMW 146); Salvatore M. Cianci, Procuring Contracting Officer, Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command;

Engineering; 3.11, 3.19; PEO C4I (PMW 170); Salvatore M. Cianci, Procuring Contracting Officer, Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command;

Administrative; 3.10; PEO C4I (PMW 170); Salvatore M. Cianci, Procuring Contracting Officer, Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command;


AFVET Solutions, LLC, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), has over 50 years of military experience including over 4,000 C-17 flying hours and extensive experience flying combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. We understand the needs of the warfighter and are poised to support their global mission. Our expertise can provide innovative solutions in program management, logistics, aviation management, aviation maintenance/modifications, system and electrical engineering, airfield operations, operational planning/support, and intelligence/counterterrorism capabilities and analysis.

Past Performance:

(1) Engineering, Logistics, PM, Fabrication & Kitting; 3.2, 3.4,3.5,3.8,3.9,3.10,3.11,3.16, 3.20; AFMLCMC/WLNCC FA8504-14-C-002; G. Arlen Dale,, 478-926-3470

(2) Engineering, Logistics, Fabrication; 3.2, 3.4,3.5,3.8,3.9,3.10,3.11,3.16, 3.19; Hebco, Inc FA8222-12-D-0011; Mike Post,, 801-217-3635


Alion, a Large Business, is a technology solutions company delivering technical expertise and operational support to the Department of Defense, civilian government agencies and commercial customers. Building on almost 70 years of R&D and engineering experience, Alion brings innovation and insight to multiple business areas: defense operations; modeling & simulation; wireless communication; industrial technology; chemical, biological, nuclear & environmental sciences; information technology; and naval architecture & marine engineering.

Past Performance:

  • Prime: Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, Seaport Enhanced (MAC II) N00178-04-D-4073, Multiple Award Contract: Engineering and technical expertise contract; Capt. E. Sweeney, (202) 781-4056
  • Prime: NAVAL SEA SYSTEMS COMMAND (NAVSEA), SeaPort (MAC I) N00024-01-D-7023, Multiple Award Contract: Engineering and technical expertise contract, Ms. Joann M. Vitek, (202) 781-2834
  • Prime: DSMO, GWAC, Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center (MSIAC), N61339-03-D-0300, Domingo Rivera, (407) 381-8631
Allied Technology Group

Allied Technology Group, a Large Business, specializing in Production Systems Engineering • Logistics Management • Shore Installation Management • Systems Engineering/Installation Documentation • Shore and Expeditionary Integration Planning and Design

Past Performance:

Engineering and Technical Services Engineering, Technical Assistance, Integration, Logistics Support USCG, Command Control & Communications Engineering Center HSCG84-06-D-AAT135 Barry Herring, COTR,, 757-628-4052


ASG Solutions Corporation DBA American Systems Group, a HUBZone certified company, has been in business for 10+ years and is headquartered in San Diego, California. ASG is a Professional Services Organization offering services in Administrative Support Services, High Performance / Parallel Computing, IT Support Services, Modeling & Simulation, Program / Project Management, and Software Engineering Services.

Past Performance:

SERMC / N68836-13-C-0074 , Jacksonville, FL

Administrative Services and Integrated Logistic Services (ILS) ASG provides Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), technical services for Total Ship Readiness Assessment (TSRA), Integrated Class Maintenance Plan, and other Type Commander directed Assessments onboard US Naval Ships or Vessels as required. We also provide intermediate and organizational level maintenance ILS on the shipboard visit for the TSRA and other Assessment programs. Responsibilities include researching correct Allowance Parts List (APL) list numbers, researching, selecting the proper record identification number (RIN).

Center for Information Dominance (CID) / N00178-05-D-4191 EX01, Corry Station, FL )//N0

ASG provides all necessary personnel, supervision, management, equipment, materials, and services to provide administrative support for the Command Administrative Office, Special Security Office and the Center for Language, Regional Expertise and Culture (CLREC) at CID Corry Station, CID Detachment (CIDD), Goodfellow AFB, and San Angelo, TX, and CID Monterey, CA. Special Security Office. ASG personnel at Corry Station also provide administrative support to the command’s 21 additional geographically separate Learning Sites as required. All personnel supporting CID are cleared at the Secret level. Those working with classified material are cleared at the TS/SCI NATO Clearance level. Specifically, we provide Administrative Management, Correspondence, Classified Material, Message Processing, Office Automation, Mail, Administrative Support Services, DTS & Manual Travel Orders, Personnel Security Clearance Support, Publications Management, Reports Management, Directives Management, Forms Management, Special Security Office, and Pass Liaison Representative (CPC).

Air Force, Langley AFB / FA4800-08-P-0001, Virginia

ASG provides Computer Operations Support, LAN and Micro Computer Services for the Department of the Air Force at Langley Air Force Base (AFB), Hampton, VA. The task involves support for computer operations, LAN management and maintenance, customer software services, LAN component and PC installation, network configuration and troubleshooting, and cable plant installation and maintenance. Additional responsibilities include both Help desk and Desk Side Support services to the various personnel at the facility. The computer operations facility at the base consists of a 3 Local Area Network MS Window 2000 servers and 1 MS Windows 2003 server, 10Base-T/100Base-T concentrator hubs/ switches, for approximately 330 PC W2K workstations and laptops (located in various buildings), printers, and includes CD-ROMs, plotters, scanners, projectors, audio equipment, and etc.

Avineon, Inc.

Avineon, Inc., a Small Business (SB), specializing in Systems engineering, software and SharePoint development, C5I interoperability analysis, integrated logistics support, and information assurance.

Past Performance:

IT Service Desk Support; Software Engineering, Development, Programming and Network Support, Configuration Management Support, Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support, Functional and Administrative Support; Marine Corps Systems Command, Office of the Chief Information Officer; Contract Number GS-06F-0122Z; Order Number M67854-08-F-4969; Mr. Jamie Markol Marine Corps Systems Command, Office of the Chief Information Officer Telephone #: 703-432-3070 Email:

Naval Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems, and Intelligence (C5I) Modernization and Interoperability Analysis; Software Engineering, Development, Programming and Network Support, C5I Interoperability Analysis Support; Configuration Management Support, Program Support; Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Contract Number N00024-07-G-4214; Billy Douglas Assistant Division Chief – Applications, Information Resources Management Division United States Secret Service (Formerly NAVSEA 06) Telephone #: 202-406-6068 Email:

Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS) Design and Evaluation; Software Engineering, Development, Programming and Network Support Configuration Management Support Program Support Functional and Administrative Support; Naval Flight Information Group (NAVFIG) Contract Number N00140-06-R-0011; Mark Brown Naval Flight Information Group Tel: 703-801-0957 Email: (formerly Head of NAVIFG, now retired)

Alpha Omega Group LLC

Alpha Omega Group, LLC, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Disadvantaged Business (SDVOSDB), provides consulting services in various disciplines across numerous sectors. AOG, LLC serves both the government and commercial sectors and leverage best practices from each to maximize value through creative solutions. At AOG, we value Honesty and Trust extending beyond the workplace and serving as a way of life.

Were always trying to be on the leading edge of business technology through Innovation and creating solutions to complex problems.

Delivering Results by listening and always focusing on client needs. In the end, this is all that matters.

Flexible and Fast responses to changing environments will be key to high-performing organizations. This is reflected in every aspect of our internal operations and client services.

High Perfomers are at the core of our company. We strive to hire superstars who are force multipliers and can do the work of multiple people. One high performer can deliver more than multiple average performers. It's less expensive for our client and we can deliver better results.

Past Performance:

Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) Acquisition Support (SAS) Contract - Directorate of; 3.1, 3.2, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; United States Air Force. Space and Missile System Center (SMC); Kurt Johnson: 310-653-1536.

SEAPORT-E PMW 160 Tactical Networks Program Office (PMW 160) Program Management; 3.1, 3.2, 3.14, 3.16, 3.18, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; Department of the Navy, SPAWAR; Jeffrey Olson: 619-524-7876.

Booz-Allen-Hamilton, a Large Business

Booz-Allen-Hamilton, a Large Business, has expanded beyond its management consulting foundation to develop deep expertise in technology, engineering, and analytics. Today and into the future, powerful ideas embrace both strategy and technology. Booz Allen Hamilton's technical, engineering and analytic excellence is backed by strategy, which enables our clients to rest assured that their solution will meet the full mission and business.

Past Performance:

Functional area: 3.20 Program Support Contract No. SPO700-03-D-1380/DO 10 Client POC: Stephen Struck, Joint Services IM Technical Panel / Eglin, AFB; (850) 882-3911 Past Performance Summary: Booz Allen's Program Support (SOW functional area 3.20) for ordnance includes all aspects that support planning, organizing, staffing, and leading team efforts to improve ordnance systems for the warfighter. Our engineers and analysts, for example, provided planning and presentation development for the Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry (APBI) delivered by the DoD Fuze IPT in July 2003. Working with Government colleagues from across DoD, Booz Allen developed a cohesive presentation that provided industry with insight into DoD's fuze requirements. For the Navy's IM Working Groups, IM Coordination Groups, and IM Councils, Booz Allen develops and distributes read-ahead packages for the principals, participates in the meetings, and develops and distributes meeting minutes. We perform similar functions – including development of agendas, coordination of presentations and briefers, and hosting of meetings – for the Army IM Board, DoD IM IPT, DoD Fuze IPT and the JSIMTP. In all cases, the technical focus is on the complete life cycle of ordnance from development through disposal.

Functional Area: 3.12 IS / IA / IT Contract No.: F41624-98-D-1003 Client POC: Mr. Robert Balusek, TRAC2ES - 311th Human Systems Wing; (210) 536-5020 Past Performance Summary: The TRAC2ES Program is a full life cycle systems development project, designated ACAT 1 AIS. BAH successfully completed all initial development tasks and completed an Independent Operational Test and Evaluation, receiving Interoperability Certification, DII COE Level VI Certification, and Milestone III approval. Initial Operational Capability (IOC) for TRAC2ES was declared on 12 July 2001 and TRAC2ES received a 3 year Authority To Operate from USTRANSCOM concurrent with IOC. Now transitioned to the operational support phase, BAH provides TIER III support to the operational system to include system upgrades and enhancements. BAH is also supporting the introduction of new functionality into the TRAC2ES enterprise and anticipates the issuance of a Full Operational Capability Task Order in Government Fiscal Year 04, that required to complete the development of the remaining functional requirements that were validated under the system's Operational Requirements Document.

Bowhead Science & Technology LLC

Bowhead Science & Technology LLC providing Systems Engineering, Analysis and Design Support, Project Management Support, Process Improvement Support, Hardware and Software Testing Support, Media/Library Management Support, Facilities Operations Support, Computer Maintenance support, Database Management Support, System and Network Administration Support, Technical Documentation Support, Corporate Information Systems Support and Chemical Biological Systems Technology Support. Administrative Support, Web support (design, development, and maintenance), development, editing, updating of multimedia presentations, Helpdesk Management, Computer network (LAN/WAN) support, and Video teleconferencing.

Past Performance:

Research, design, development, engineering, training, engineering, logistic support and administrative support.  3.18, 3.20, 3.21.  Naval Air Warfare Center AD (PAX) N00421-08-D-0002.  Vickie Spaulding 301-757-2608

Assembly, integration, testing and configuration management.  3.20, 3.21. SPAWAR Systems Center, Charleston N65236-06-D-6857. Debra Chesser 843-218-5661

Software development.  3.6.  Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division N00178-04-D-3093.  David Black 540-653-8225

Bowhead Professional Solutions, LLC

Bowhead Professional Solutions, LLC, an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) is focused on the design and support of IT systems including enterprise applications, networks, servers, storage, end-user computing devices, and the tools and processes required to manage the environments.

Past Performance:

Radar Engineering; 3.2, 3.4, 3.5, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.14, 3.18; NSWC Crane, N000178-14-D-7204-FC03; John Moore, 812-854-3866,

Radar Logistics; 3.2, 3.4, 3.5, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.14, 3.18; NSWC Crane N00178-14-D-7204-FC02; Jon Thomas, 812-854-5642,

Range Support; 3.2, 3.5, 3.9, 3.14; NSWC Dahlgren N00178-14-D-7204-0003; Revonna Waring, 540-653-7995

AIR 7.5 PAO Support; 3.16, 3.20, 3.22; NAVAIR Patuxent River N00178-14-D-7204-M801; Donald Mumbert, 301-737-2590

IT; 3.12, 3.20; Rock Island Arsenal N00178-14-D-7204-M801; Tami Lord, 309-782-8564,


Cask Technologies, LLC, an 8(a) Economically-Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) and a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) (through September 6, 2016), was founded in 2004, providing strategic planning and procurement management for telecommunications technology investments.  As the business grew, Cask expanded to support customers throughout the project and technology lifecycle.  Cask possesses insight and experience to address our clients’ most critical needs and complex challenges including: Compliance, Service Management, Project Management, Decision Support, Risk Management, Process Improvement, Performance Management, and Requirements Management.  Our practitioners draw upon deep functional expertise while working in small teams to serve as valuable resources to our clients during all phases of a project’s lifecycle. Our experts guide clients through the known and unknown difficulties of program management using a systems thinking perspective grounded in experience working with some of the world’s largest organizations.

Past Performance:

IT/IA; 3.12; United States Marine Corps Systems Command Office of the CIO (OCIO); M67854-10-C-4721; Erik Bailey, Project Officer,

IT, Analytical Support, Engineering Support; 3.5, 3.12; Marine Corps Enterprise Services (MCES) Program Management Office (PMO) Support; M67854-08-C-4997/ M67854-10-C-4810; Peggy Toth, Program Manager,

Program Support, Acquisition Support; 3.20, 3.16; Marine Corps Systems Command MAGTF C2 Weapons and Sensors Development & Integration (PG11 MC2I) Strategic Business Team (SBT); M67854-10-C-2218; John Maurer, Contracting Officer,


CDW GOVERNMENT INC (CDW-G), a Large Business, is a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare. CDW-G's areas of focus include software, network communications, notebooks/mobile devices, data storage, video monitors, desktops, and printers and solutions such as virtualization, collaboration, security, mobility, data center optimization and cloud computing.

Past Performance:

Project #1: Type of Effort: Engineering IT Support Functional Area of Seaport-E SOW that corresponds to work performed for the Effort: 3.2, 3.5, 3.12 Ordering Agency: Federal Trade Commission Government POC Name and Contact information (email and phone number): John Gavin - 303-969-7192

Project #2: Type of Effort: Engineering IT Support Functional Area of Seaport-E SOW that corresponds to work performed for the Effort: 3.2, 3.5, 3.12 Ordering Agency: Navy SPAWAR Government POC Name and Contact information (email and phone number): Harold Mayton 757-558-6698;

Cutler Engineering & Technology Services

Cutler Engineering & Technology Services, a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), provides a broad range of contract and financial support; system engineering; software development; and test and evaluation services to its clients. CETS personnel have extensive experience in providing C4ISR services to Navy, Military Sealift Command (MSC), Marine Corps, Army and Air Force clients – including system engineering, software development, system integration, information assurance, and test and evaluation.

Past Performance

(1) C4I System Engineering Support; MSFSC; J. Guarnes, K. Toy

(2) Problem Management Engineering Support; MSC N6 Ashore; Elizabeth Lang

Client Solutions Architects LLC

Client Solutions Architects LLC, a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, specializes in helping clients optimize, leverage and gain the productivity and results they desire from their operations. Our strategic and operational solutions help clients analyze, improve and execute their operations while enabling them to manage the trade-offs of cost and performance. We offer our clients expertise and capabilities in operations improvement and management through our Portfolio of Services. Governments, corporations and non-profits demand results and the best performance from their operations. Whether executing business processes, buying and operating capital equipment, delivering products or services, saving lives, or defending a nation, results and performance matter. Top performing operations makes the difference. Producing results while managing cost, technical, political, schedule and operating constraints requires having visibility, understanding and ability to control the interdependencies between strategy and operations.

Past Performance:

  • N00178-14-D-7663-NS02; PMW 150 Integrated Logistics (ILS), Vince Byrne; (858) 537-0334;
  • N00178-05-D-4242-NS07; PMW 770 Acquisition and Program Management; Chris Barrett; (619) 524-3011;
  • N00178-05-D-4242-NS10; SPAWAR 5.0,6.0, and Fleet Readiness Directorate Executive and Program Management Support; Suzanne Pinedo; (619) 221-5574

Deloitte Consulting LLP, a Large Business, provides audit & assistance, tax, legal, risk and financial advisory and consulting services.

Past Performance:

  1. Program Management Support; 3.20 Program Support; SPAWAR PEO EIS (Enterprise Information Systems) N00178-04-D-4020/NS08; Germaine Forbes, Contracting Officer, phone: (202) 573-1606,
DCS Corp

DCS Corp, a Large Business, continually seeks to develop advanced technology solutions in support of our national defense and the Nation's warfighter. Our services include advanced technology development, systems engineering, software engineering, modeling and simulation, weapons system test and evaluation, knowledge management, acquisition and program management.

Past Performance:

  • 3.1 R&D Support DAAB07-03-D-C214 Ships and Ships Systems Dave Parkinson (703) 704-1108
  • 3.2 Engineering Support N00039-04-D-0001 Force Level Warfare Systems Mr. H Nguyen (619)-524-7649
  • 3.3 Modeling W56HZV-04-C-0745 Littoral Warfare Systems Juan Jones (585) 574-4266

DEL REY Systems & Technology, Inc. (DEL REY), an Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business (EDWOSB/8m), provides excellent performance, solid financial status, responsiveness to customer requirements, and experience in Logistics, Fleet Support, and strong background in analysis and metrics.

Past Performance:

  • HSI N66001-05-D-5004 3.8 Dr. Robert Smillie, 858-537-8886
  • Logistics, system engineering, IT and other technical support N66001-06-D-5018 3.16 Tim Lam, 619-524-2168
  • Logistics & Warehousing N00244-07-C-0009 3.16, 3.17 Captain Tiffany Schad, (619) 437-2410
  • System integration, engineering, design, and analysis for systems/subsystems on various military aircraft and ship platforms N66001-09-D-0031 3.2, 3.16 Efrain Flores-Colon, 619 524 3152
Engility Corporation

Engility Corporation, a Large Business, bases it business strategy on an economic model that provides precisely the services needed at the best possible cost. Our portfolio of offerings reflects a lifecycle of capabilities that aligns with the critical priorities of the U.S. Government, both domestically and globally as well as state and local governments. We support our customers with a wide range of specialized technology and mission expertise. We are organized to be agile and adaptive, allowing us to deliver the resources and services required to meet current and evolving customer needs efficiently and effectively. Launched in July 2012 as a spin-off company of L-3 Communications, Engility possesses more than 58 years of combined experience across over 70 different legacy companies.

Past Performance:

Cost Estimating and Analysis; 3.10, 3.11, 3.13, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; SPAWAR 1.6 (N00178-10-D-6332-NS05); Mr. William S. Plummer, COR; Code: 16110; 4301 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92110; 619-221-7358;

Trade studies, modeling and simulation (M&S), systems engineering, configuration management, risk management, and test planning Support; 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; Airborne Laser Advisory and Assistance Services (FA8632-05-D-2453); PCO: Maria C. Mann, 505-846-4060,, PM: Capt. Samantha Bolin, 505-846-9443,

Combined Test and Evaluation; 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; Ms. Tracee M. Jordan , COR; NAVSEA PEO IWS 1TE6; Building 197, Room 5w-27301333, Isaac Hull Avenue SE; Washington Navy Yard, DC 20376-2040; 202-203-301;

Management, engineering, and technical support services; 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; 92nd Information Operations Squadron (IOS) Cyber Assessment Engineering and Technical Support (CAETS) (FA7037-10-F-0044); Yvette Lopez, 402 Greig St, San Antonio, TX 78226, 210-925-3432, 210-925-5087,

Management, engineering, and technical support services; 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; ADNI, CIO IT Services (aka FUSION) (2006*G1236415*000); Arlyne Foy, Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR); Vienna, VA 22180; 703-874-8124;

Expert Choice

Expert Choice, a Small Business, provides software, training, and services to help organizations handle the complexity of important decisions using a proven approach to drive effective collaboration and synthesize intuition, expertise, and quantitative data providing the Navy communications and networking architecture, programs, technical and operational expertise to support data collection, technical inputs and coordination of Navy inputs to Teleport Program Analysis of Alternative (AoA) studies under which Expert Choice will provide decision analysis support. 8.1.7 Group Prioritization of Objectives and Alternatives required for the Multinational Information Sharing (MNIS) Anaylsis of Alternatives (AoA).

Engineering Services Network, Inc.

Engineering Services Network, Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Disadvantaged Business (SDVOSDB) provides R&D, Engineering Support, System Des Doc/Tech Data, Software, RM&A, HF Engineering Support, System Safety, CM Support, QA Support, IS/IA/IT, Ship Inactivation/Disposal, Interoperability/T&E/Trials, Acquisition Logistics, Training, In-Service Engineering, Program Support, and Administrative Support.

Past Performance:

Contract Number: N63394-05-D-1269; Prime or Subcontractor: Prime; Functional Areas: 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.14, 3.16, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21; Description: Combat System In-Service Engineering Agent (CSISEA); POC/Phone: Mr. Nelson Nailat/805 228-0606

Contract Number: N65236-07-D-5878; Prime or Subcontractor: Prime; Functional Areas: 3.17, 3.18; Description: Netcentric Support; POC/Phone: Kayla Garcia/843/218-6110

Genesis Fiber Optic Splicing, Inc

Genesis Fiber Optic Splicing, Inc., a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), is a Telecommunications Contractor that provides Fiber Optic services comprising Engineering, Installation, Maintenance, and Emergency Restoration. Genesis Fiber employs one of the largest, Fiber Optic specific, technical work forces capable of completing large, critical projects that require completion in minimal time. Capabilities includes complete Turn-Key services from initial design, Outside Plant (OSP) cable installation, Inside Plant (ISP) cable installation, equipment assembly, installation, and Turn-Up.

Past Performance:

  1. IT, Optical Based Telecommunications; LAN, WAN, Metro Network Design, Cabling Installation.
G2 Ops, Inc.

G2 Ops, Inc., a Woman Owned Small Disadvantaged Business (WOSDB), is a preferred provider of innovative services in Model Based Systems Engineering, Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, Data Modeling and Strategic Consulting for Dynamic Environments.

Past Performance:

C&A, A&A; 5.4; N00024-15-R-3187; JOE VASQUEZ

CYBER; 5.4; N00024-15-R-3187; JOE VASQUEZ

G2 Software Systems

G2 Software Systems, a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), is a recognized leader in providing a full range of high-quality software development and systems engineering services.

Past Performance:

G2 provides systems engineering, software development, test, integration, training, modeling and simulation along with other activities on this contract; 3.1 - 3.7, 3.10, 3.12, 3.14, 3.18 - 3.21.; SSC Pacific; Prime Contract numbers N66001-10-D-0015 titled Command and Control (C2) Technologies and Capabilities, and N66001-14-D-0094 Command and Control Technologies and Experimentation; Pete Wussow;; 619 553-9554

G2 provides a full range of support services to JTNC and JTN to include Program Management, Operations Management, Acquisition Management, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, RF Engineering, Information Assurance Engineering, Test and Evaluation Engineering, Financial Management, Cost Estimating, and Administrative Support Services; 3.1 – 3.7, 3.9-3.12, 3.14-3.16, 3.18-3.22; SPAWAR (JTNC); Prime Contract number N00178-05-D-4334, NS04 titled Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) Technical Management, and Administrative Support Services; Kathleen Livornese;; 619 524-4601

Grove Resource Solutions, Inc.

Grove Resource Solutions, Inc., a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) provides Subject Matter Expert consulting and engineering services with expertise for civilian, defense and commercial customers including IT Management and Modernization, Cloud and Portal Development, IV&V, Tiers 1, 2, and 3 Help Desk, Human Capital Management, Program and Project Management, and CMMI Level 3, PMP, Lean Six Sigma, ITIL V3, ISO Client Environment.

Past Performance:

Technical and Logistics support for SCN and IMO efforts; o Program Management, Admin Support, Procurement, Production, Integration, and Installation Management Shipbuilding and Conversion (SCN); Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic – Contract No. – N65236-12-D-4830; Robert Cervi (COR) (757) 541-5078

Life Cycle Support for Operational Cryptologic Systems (SSEE Inc E/F); o Technical/Repair Support Performance Based Logistics Procurement/Material/Inventory Support; Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic – Contract No. – N65236-12-D-4847-008; Cecilia Riggs (COR) (843) 218-4242

In-service Engineering DCGS-N, ICOP, JSIPS-N and JCA; Program/Project Management; Systems Engineering; Software Maintenance; Logistics Engineering; Configuration Management

General Dynamics C4

General Dynamics C4 Systems, a Large Business, develops and integrates secure communication and information systems and technology. The company specializes in command and control, communications networking, computing and information assurance for defense, government and select commercial customers in the United States and abroad. General Dynamics C4 Systems has a worldwide reputation for providing exceptional competencies in the following areas: Command and Control, Communications and Networking, Information Assurance, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Platform Integration, RF Networking, Ruggedized Computing, Satellite and Wireless Ground-Based Communication Products, Space Systems and Services, Switching Systems, Training and Simulation.

Past Performance:

Prototype Build and Demonstration Agency - marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory Government POC - Valerie Mosquiera Phone - (703) 432-4127 Email -

General Dynamics C4

Global Defense, Inc. dba Global Defense, a Small Business, which offers a full portfolio of information technology support and advisory services for end-to-end system integration, strategy development, planning, execution, and evaluation. Through these capabilities, GDI provides our clients focused insight balancing the need for greater defense capability while optimizing investments and global impacts.

Past Performance:

Strategic, Programmatic, and Technical Support Services; 3.2, 3.5, 3.20; SSC Atlantic, Code 6.2, FCC/C10F, and PMW 790; N00178-08-D-5434 / V701; Paul Klementowski, SSC Atlantic,

Program and Systems Engineering Support Services; 3.1, 3.2, 3.5, 3.20; PMW 750 and Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) HC1047-05-D-4000 Orders: TAT 0141 D6227-S8, TAT 0193 D6570-S1, TAT 0241 D7030-S2 and TAT 0236 D7075S4; Derek Ikehara,

Systems Engineering, Design, Software Development; 3.2, 3.6, 3.12, 3.20; Naval Ordnance Security and Safety Activity (NOSSA) and URS Corporation W91278-11-D-0054; Margaret Hayes, (301) 744-5634,

I Square Systems, LLC

I Square Systems, LLC, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, incorporated in the state of Rhode Island in the Spring of 2008 by innovative, seasoned systems engineers seeking to provide complete total system lifecycle engineering and operational support services.

Insight Global

Insight Global, LLC, a Large Business, is a premier provider of employment solutions to Fortune 1000 customers and Government Agencies across the United States and Canada. In the public sector we currently provide subcontracting services on approximately 250 Programs within Defense, Intelligence, Civilian, and Public Health. As the third largest staffing company in the nation, Insight Global has 48 offices and over 1,500 recruiters across North America. This size gives us the ability to leverage huge resources to meet surge demands with qualified candidates in a short period of time. With a range of skill sets that includes IT, Finance, Health, and Engineering, and over 41,000 placements in 2017 alone, we have a proven track record of delivering even the most challenging skill sets. Our flexible offerings include managed services, short and long term contracting, contract to hire engagements, and direct placements. We are able to cater our delivery approach to meet each clients' unique demands, ensuring that we deliver maximum client value.

Past Performance:

Not Applicable

INDUS Technology, Inc.

INDUS Technology, Inc., a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), has core competency capabilities in areas such as: 1) Systems Engineering and IT (Help Desk, Systems Administration, Technology Infusion, and Information Assurance), 2) Acquisition Support, Program Management, Logistics & Strategic Planning and 3) Administrative, Graphics, Data Entry, Contract & Financial Management. INDUS Technology provides these engineering, technical and program management services to key customers including Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA); Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR); Program Engineering Office, Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (PEO C4I) and Space; SPAWAR Systems Center – San Diego (SSC-SD); Department of Transportation (DoT); Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA); Army; Marine Corps; GovWorks/Department of the Interior (DoI); and the General Services Administration (GSA).

Past Performance:

Type of Effort: Programmatic, Technical, Contractual and Financial support to SPAWAR PMW 179 (Advanced Automatic Tactical Communications) for Research and Development (R&D) and Test and Evaluation (T&E) in support of the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program. Functional Categories: 3.1 R&D Support. N00039-99-C-3225 Mr. Ed Brady, Principal SPAWAR/BAH 1615 Murray Canyon Road, Ste 220 San Diego, CA 92108 (619) 725-66298 N66001-97-D-0005/0023 John Parker SPAWAR 2111 Eisenhower Ave, Ste. 400 Alexandria, VA 22314 703 836 8881 x 51

Type of Effort: Information Technology (IT) Engineering Support to the DEA developmental lab for simulation of deployed systems or proof of concept determination and pilot application of new technology, software and hardware for possible migration into future enterprise-wide applications or LAN/WAN infrastructure. Functional Categories: 3.3 Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support. DEA-03-0027 Sarah Bueter Contracting Officer DEA, Office of Acquisition Management Washington DC 20537 202-307-4366 F202-307-4877

IA Support for all Certification and Accreditation issues from testing and Interim Certification and Accreditation through Final SSA approval for: PMW 165 (Naval Afloat Networks) for CENTRIXS, PMW 173 (Submarine Communications) for MERLIN, VALUE, SMGL, SLVR, BBS, SCSS, ISDS, ISABPS and CSRR, PMW 179 (Advanced Automatic Tactical Communications) for JTT/CTT, HFRG, BFEM, ELMR, EPLRS, DWTS and HF Legacy Radios. N0039-99-C-3225 Mr. Ed Brady, Principal Booz Allen Hamilton 1615 Murray Canyon Road, Ste 220 San Diego, CA 92108 (619) 725-6629

DTTS-02-D-0453 Mark Welsh Contracting Officer's Technical Representative US Department of Transportation TASC Acquisition Services 400 Seventh Street, SW Room 5105 Washington, DC 20590 (202) 366-4971

Integrated Systems Research (ISR), a Small Business, provides specialized expertise in the area of Human Systems Integration as well as Human Factors in Bio-Technology.

Past Performance:

System Safety - MUOS DOD Teleport Wade Leonard – 703/882-0716 System Safety & Human Factors - MUOS AF CSOC Roselle Harde – 301/258-6994

intelliSolutions, inc.

intelliSolutions, inc., a Woman-Owned Small Business (8m), provides Government customers with superior programmatic, engineering, information technology, and administrative support services in a highly cost effective and efficient manner. intelliSolutions, inc.'s, capabilities include software engineering and maintenance, enterprise resource management, test and evaluation, tactical data link systems support, financial management, and engineering services. intelliSolutions, inc., is based out of San Diego and was established in 2006.

Past Performance:

MUOS Engineering and Program Management Support 3.2, 3.5, 3.7, 3.8, 3.10, 3.11, 3.20, 3.21, 3.21.1 PMW146 Mr. David Hartzog,, 858-537-8604

PMW760 Program Management Support 3.2, 3.5, 3.8, 3.10, 3.20, 3.21, 3.21.1, 3.21.2, 3.21.3 PMW 760 Mr. Ken Okamura,, 619-524-7293


IPKeys, an SBA Certified 8(a) and Woman Owned Business (8(a), WOSB), is a strategic partner in the DoD Federal, Commercial and Energy sectors, delivering expertise in the definition, development, integration, and deployment of Internet Protocol (“IP”) technology and communications systems. IPKeys expertise includes Network and Telecommunications Engineering; Systems Engineering and Integration; Cyber Security; Systems Acquisition, Production and Fielding; Modeling and Simulation; Municipal Technologies; and Energy/Smart Grid Engineering Services.

Past Performance:

Modeling and Simulation, Program Analysis; 3.3,3.4; TAG III --N68936-13-C-0139; Christen Gonzales (760) 939-2530

Program Support, Requirements Validation, Software validation, Training Support; 3.11, 3.14,3.18; Marine Corps Fires Assessment Support Team (FAST) /M67854-14-D-2550; Mr. Joe Murgo (703) 432-9884

Network Engineering and Functional Support; 3.2, 3.5, 3.12; DISA GSM0ETI DO4 NET OPS Division Strategic And Functional Support--HC1028-13-D-0012; Mr. Samuel Tesfaye 301-225-8804

Data Transport Engineering, Performance Requirements and Analysis; 3.2,3.6, 3.10, 3.9, 3.12, 3.19; DISA GSMETI00019.00 DISN TRANSPORT ENGINEERING SUPPORT-- HC1028-13-D-0012/0002; Ms. Yvette Smith 301-225-2142

Business, Acquisition, Logistics, Program Analysis, Program Management; 3.16, 3.17, 3.20, 3.21; PEO LAND SYSTEMS SUPPORT— M67854-14-R-0216; Rhoda Collins (703) 432-5138

Knowledge Made Solutions

Knowledge Made Solutions (KMS), a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), provides high quality Engineering Services to the US Department of Defense (DoD) and DoD prime contractors. KMS specializes in Software and System Engineering Services and related disciplines including Technical Project Management, Test Engineering, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management and Technical Writing.

Past Performance:

Type of Effort: Program Management, System and Software Engineering, Test and Evaluation, CM, QA, IT Support, System Administration, Information Assurance, Administrative Support Functional Areas: 3.2, 3.3, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.14, 3.16, 3.18, 3.20, 3.21 Ordering Agency: SPAWAR PMW 170 Subcontractor under N0078-05-D-4548 NS02 - Prime Customer: Vince Squitieri 619-524-7940;

Type of Effort: Research and Development, System Engineering, System Design and Documentation, Installation Support, Test and Evaluation Functional Categories: 3.1, 3.2, 3.5, 3.14, 3.19 Ordering Agency: SPAWAR Systems Center PAC Subcontractor under N66001-09-D-0020 – Prime and N66001-08-D-0068 - Prime Customer: Francis Pahr 619-553-5452

Kros Wise, Inc.

Kros Wise, Inc., an 8(a) Woman Owned Small Disadvantaged Business (WOSDB) is an experienced contractor providing the following types of support: R&D; Requirements Development; Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering; System Design Documentation and Technical Data; Acquisition Lifecycle Management; Strategic Planning; Multimedia Services; Information Management/Technology/Assurance; Program Management; Configuration Management; and Logistics to U.S. Government Clients including the Navy and the FDA.

Past Performance:

Administrative Support ; 3.1, 3.10, 3.12, 3.18, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; SPAWAR HQ 8.2 N00178-07-D-5128-NS01; Patrick Dimla 858-524-7179

Administrative Support ; 3.1, 3.10, 3.12, 3.18, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) N55236-13-C-0010; Cort Furuoka, COR 619-556-0211

Administrative Support ; 3.1, 3.10, 3.12, 3.18, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; SPAWAR DCAO Directorate PSS N00178-07-D-5128-NS03; Mary O’Hara 619-524-7148

Administrative Support ; 3.1, 3.10, 3.12, 3.18, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22; SPAWAR PMW 150 Admin Support N00178-07-D-5128-NS02; Steve Bolger 619-524-7176


LinQuest, a Large Business, is focused on engineering development, integration, deployment and operation of state of the art communications and network systems to meet and manage the ever growing demand for bandwidth to support network centric operations. For more than 30 years, LinQuest engineers have been performing independent research, analysis, design, development, and support of terrestrial wireless and satellite communications systems. This has involved specific work in the areas of: system architecture, system interfaces, waveform and protocol analysis and development, system synchronization, networking (layer 2 and 3 focus), information assurance, modeling and simulation, test and evaluation, concept of use generation, system implementation planning, mission communications planning, operations support (Satellite Operations Center and fielded Users), and training.

Past Performance:

Type of Effort (Engineering, IT, Administrative Support, etc.) R&D, systems engineering, modeling and simulation, system design assessment and documentation, software design and development, Information Assurance, testing support, communications planning, training development, training, and program support to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Functional Area of Seaport-E SOW that corresponds to work performed for the Effort: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5, 3.6, 3.12, 3.14, 3.18, & 3.20 Ordering Agency: Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Government POC Name and Contact information: Thomas D. Downie, E-Mail -, (401) 832-5443

McKean Defense Group, LLC

McKean Defense Group, LLC, a Large Business, is an employee owned Naval Life Cycle Management, Engineering, Enterprise Transformation and Program Management business headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. McKean’s engineers, developers, technical staff, programmers, analysts, and program managers identify and deploy new shipboard technologies, integrate information technology across shipboard platforms, and develop strategies to support the Warfighter. McKean’s employees create strategic solutions to help customers reach new levels of mission support and transform their organizations.

Cabrillo Technologies, a Business Unit of McKean Defense Group provides systems engineering, modeling, analysis, engineering development, cyber security certification and accreditation, developmental testing, production, testing, configuration management and software development for SSC Pacific and SPAWAR.

Cabrillo, based in San Diego, CA, currently supports Program Executive Office (PEO) C4I, SPAWARSYSCOM, and SSC PAC across multiple programs/functional area, including:

  • CANES and Legacy Network Systems Engineering support for PMW 160 SCN/OCF through SPAWAR 6.0

  • CANES CDA Engineering Support through SSC PAC Code 55130

  • ORT CDA Legacy Network Engineering Support through SSC PAC Code 55130

  • PMW 160 AI Engineering Integrations Support through SSC PAC Code 55130

Past Performance:

Requirements Analysis, Technical Assessments, Systems Engineering Technical Reviews; 3.2,3.5,3.10,3.11,3.20; NSWC, N00178-04-D-4078, Delivery Order EHQ5; Craig T. Wright 215-897-8275

Management Support, Engineering Support, Technical Support, ILS Support; 3.2,3.5, 3.6, 3.12, 3.14, 3.16, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21; NSWC, N00178-04-D-4078-EHP6; Robert Fink 215-8971455

Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support; 3.2,3.5,3.10,3.11,3.20; NAVSEA, N00178-04-D-4078-EH01; Danielle Tyler 202-781-0828

Engineering and Technical Support Services, Information Technology, Program Management and Logistics Support Services; 3.2,3.5, 3.6, 3.12, 3.14, 3.16, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21; NSWC, CARDEROCK DIVISION, N00178-04-D-4078/ EHP8; Peter Duong 215-897-8326

Engineering, Logistics and Program Support ; 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.14, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21; NSWC, CARDEROCK DIVISION, N00178-04-D-4078/EHP7 ; Karen Barr-McKinney 215-897-7186

NexGen Data Systems, Inc.

NexGen Data Systems, Inc., an 8(a) Certified Small Disadvantaged Consulting Firm, provides consulting and engineering services through key stages of project life cycle development and end-to-end system designs that implement cutting edge technologies. We provide industry-recognized expertise in advanced LAN/WAN internetworking technologies in order to meet the unique challenges of the Navy and other DOD programs as they transition from legacy systems toward a Net-Centric and FORCEnet environment. Functional area aupport includes 3.1 Research and Development Support, 3.2 Engineering, System Engineering and process Engineering Support, 3.5 System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support, 3.7 Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support, 3.12 Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support and 3.14 Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support.

Past Performance:

Tactical Switching Roadmap and Engineering Support, Navy Design and Engineering Support for Navy Teleport, Engineering and Support Services for the Navy Teleport and the Trident Warrior 07, and PNSY WPCS Piers WAN Transport System Mr. David Bates (843) 218-4108.

Engineering and Support Services for the Navy Fleet Naval Operations Center (NOC), Navy MHQ w/MOC Design & Engineering Support, and B1 DISN Core POP Failover Engineering Support George Mikula (843) 218-4837.


Parsons Government Services, Inc., a Large Business, is an engineering, construction, technical, and professional services firm, a leader in diverse markets, focusing on infrastructure, defense, security, and construction. Parsons engineering expertise spans many disciplines including communications, civil, structural, electrical, systems, cyber security, and information technology.

Past Performance:

  1. NCTAMS LANT Base Communications Office; 3.1 - Engineering, System Engineering and process Engineering Support 3.5 - System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support; Space & Naval Warfare Center Atlantic, N65236-13-D-4933-0011; Vernon Pryor 843-218-3081

PRL Enterprises, LLC, a Small Business (SB), provides Communication and Electrical Infrastructure services.

Past Performance:

Not Avalible


ODYSSEY SYSTEMS, a Small Business, provides industry-leading expertise, innovative tools, and a superior effort to solve our clients' most difficult strategic and tactical business challenges. We develop and deploy leading edge technical and management tools and services that assure our clients' success. We provide professional technical and management consulting services to public and private sector clients. Odyssey has immediate access to a highly diverse pool of consultants and support personnel, which allows us to provide instant short and long term expertise to meet the specialized and often fluctuating needs of our clients.


Professional Solutions Delivered, LLC dba ProSoDel, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), manages programs and projects, tests systems/software and implements solutions that provide tactical and strategic advantage to our customers. We apply best practices in data configuration, data management and Know ledge Management (KM) to deliver superior solutions defined by application category.

Past Performance:

  1. Program Management, Administrative Support, Item Unique Identification (IUID); 3.2 Program Management; 3.3.6 Software Engineering; 3.4 Lifecycle Logistics Support; 3.4.1 Configuration Management; 3.4.3 Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation (3.4.3.b. & 3.4.3.d); 3.4.4 Fielding and Disposal Support; 3.4.6 Equipment and Material Support; IUID; Property/Inventory Tracking; United States Marine Corps; N00178-11-D-6656 / MU61; Richard Triviso, IUID Project Officer | Phone: (703) 357-8327 | Email:
  2. Navy Item Unique Identification (IUID) Program Management Office Contractor Support Services; 3.2 Program Management; 3.3.1 Systems Engineering; 3.3.2 Hardware/Software Integration; 3.3.4 Test and Evaluation; 3.4 Lifecycle Logistics Support; 3.4.1 Configuration Management; IUID; RFID; Property/Inventory Tracking; United States Navy; N00189-15-P-1632; Carlos Peña, Project Officer | Phone: (757) 341-6360 | Email:
Rylander Technology Group, Inc.

Rylander Technology Group, Inc., a Woman-Owned, Minority-Owned Small Business (WMOSB), was founded in December 2006 in Chesapeake, VA. We are situated in the thriving Hampton Roads region, home to a substantial number of federal activities and military commands for both logistical and operational support. It is also an incubator of high-impact tech firms with vast capabilities in IT, systems integration, analysis, innovation, solutions and services across multiple disciplines.

Past Performance:

Network Engineering Support (N65236-05-D-7716) 3.1, 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.12, 3.14, 3.19, 3.20 SPAWAR SSC LANT Julie Bryant, SSC LANT Code 55580 (202) 685-4155

Engineering and Technical Support (N65236-07-D-5878) 3.1, 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.12, 3.14, 3.19, 3.20 SPAWAR SSC LANT

Sapient Government Systems

Sapient Government Systems, a Large Business, works with civilian and military organizations to solve mission critical challenges by transforming vision into reality, accelerating impact through innovation, and mitigating risk through on-time, on-budget delivery. For nearly a decade, Sapient has delivered innovative solutions for federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, National Institutes of Health (NIH), United States Marine Corps, United States Navy, and many others. Sapient has delivered a wide range of critical services to the DoD ranging from command and control strategy to logistics and supply chain management.

Past Performance:

Common Logistics Command and Control System software development, support, and training for US Marine Corps – Marine Corps Systems Command. POC Robert Johnston, 805.982.1305, Major Alfred Hammett, 229.639.6162

CLC2S Virtual Trainer: Virtual curriculum design, software design and development and program support for US Navy – Office of Naval Research; US Marine Corps. POC Lynn Torres 805.383.8588,, Luis Torres, 805.982.1540,

Bulk Fuel Technical Study and Analysis for US Navy – Office of Naval Research and HQMC. POC CWO5 Terry Kunneman, 703.298.5180, Luis Torres, 805.982.1540,

SimVentions, Inc.

SimVentions, Inc., a Small Business, which was founded in 2000, specializes in providing high-quality component-based solutions among six core disciplines: Systems Engineering; Software Engineering; Modeling and Simulation (M&S); Security Engineering; Professional Education (ProEd) Training; and Program Management. Our primary corporate focus is on establishing innovative products and solutions centered on the company's key theme of Imagine, Create, Explore, and Discover™. These four simple words express a key concept: to deliver solutions that go beyond the expected. This focus is centered around customer and employee satisfaction, and we believe it can only be accomplished by: Understanding our Customers’ Needs; Providing Innovative Solutions; and Doing What it Takes. Technical excellence is part of the SimVentions culture. It is seen in the people we hire, the work we do, the standards we set, and the work environment we have established. Headquartered just south of Washington, DC, near historic Fredericksburg, VA, SimVentions has grown from three employees and one contract into a thriving small business with multiple contracts supporting the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and various joint Department of Defense (DoD) agencies.

Past Performance:

Research and Development Support (SBIR PHASE III); 3.1, 3.6, 3.12, 3.14, 3.20; NSWCDD, N00178-06-D-3028; Jim Doerr, (540) 653-8034,

Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support; 3.2; NSWCDD, N00178-04-D-4124-0004; Shawn Buckner-Barnes, (540) 653-1098,

Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support; 3.3; NAWCTSD, N61340-13-C-0011; Jim Grotkopf, 407-380-4213,

Training Support; 3.18; NSWCDD, N00178-11-C-3004; Tina Greenlee, (540) 284-1279,

SoftConcept, Inc.

SoftConcept, Inc., an 8(a) Small Diadvantaged Business (SDB), specializes in providing Information Technology, Information Assurance, Intelligence Analysis, and eLearning services to the United States Federal Government. Our solutions range from professional IT and Intel services to monitoring and analyzing enterprise networks. Our commitment is to provide our customers with cost-effective, technology-based services and solutions that allow them to devote their time to accomplishing their missions and daily businesses. We approach every task as a partnership with our customers; managing each assignment with proven practices and a commitment to Quality; and, measuring our success as a reflection of our customers' satisfaction with our performance.

Past Performance:

SAIC – Prime Contractor for Military Sealift Command Stephanie Clark Contracting Officer's Representative Military Sealift Command, Code: N6 Telephone no. (202) 685-5603 Email:

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Kenneth Ly COTR Telephone no. 703-681-2101 Email:

2nd Tier Sub to CSC & OpNet ASEO, CERDEC Kimberly Ploskonka COTR Telephone no. (732) 427-5458

Stran tech.

Stran Technologies IT Services, LLC, a Large Business, is a full-service integrator of telecom voice, data, and wireless networks. STRAN Technologies has the ability to design, build, operate, support and maintain leading edge technology solutions nationwide.

Past Performance:

  1. 3.2, 3.5, 3.9 & 3.12; Stran is a subcontractor Tyto Athlene on San Diego Navy Consulting and Technical Services (CATS) network, managed by the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station (NCTS) Base Communications Office (BCO). Providing commercial support services to sustain, maintain, and modernize Navy telephone systems and support to improve Naval communications capabilities; Tyto Athlene, LLC Navy CATS - N0024417C0001; Not Applicable
  2. 3.2, 3.5, 3.9 & 3.12; Stran is a subcontractor to Perspecta on the NGEN-X contract providing IT services for the NEXT GENERATION ENTERPRISE NETWORK (NGEN) TRANSPORT AND ENTERPRISE SERVICES CONTRACT; Perspecta NGEN – X – N00039-13-D-0013; Not Applicable
  3. 3.2, 3.5, 3.9 & 3.12; Stran is a subcontractor to Sumaria Systems Inc providing VOICE Transport System (VTS) Services at Little Rock AFB; Sumaria Systems, Inc. FA8732-14-D-0017/DO FA446017F0038; Not Applicable
  4. 3.2, 3.5, 3.9 & 3.12; Stran is a subcontractor to Sumaria Systems Inc providing Base Telecommunications System (BTS) Services at Cannon AFB; Sumaria Systems, Inc. FA8732-14-D-0017/DO FA469018F0014; Not Applicable
  5. 3.2, 3.5, 3.9 & 3.12; Stran is a subcontractor to Sumaria Systems Inc providing Base Telecommunications System (BTS) Services at Ellsworth, AFB; Sumaria Systems, Inc. FA8732-14-D-0017/DO FA485517F0062; Not Applicable

Synogi LLC, a Small Business (SB), possesses The Capability Development Framework (CDF) which is an emerging rapid and agile team architectural and analysis approach, developed by OSD AT&L to complement DoDAF and support evolving changes to the Department Requirements, Acquisition and Test policy and procedures. CDF has already shown considerable benefit to USMC through contextualizing the ACE and recently CDF was adopted by USMC SIAT to capture and present the USMC Cyber Architecture. Currently the MEU captured is being led by Synogi. The Synogi team's birth, development and application of the Core CDF methodology within Office Secretary Defense (OSD), previous CDF and coalition interoperability support to OSD, National Guard Bureau (NGB), US Coast Guard (USCG) and US Marine Corps (USMC) Air Combat Element (ACE) plus detailed knowledge and understanding of why and how Government and Industry Requirement, Acquisition and Test practices are evolving, through a true paradigm shift, makes Synogi uniquely qualified to support this critical task.

Past Performance:

Engineering and IT 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.10, 3.12 OSD AT&L, Rapid Fielding, JCTD office Mr Elmer Roman, 703 697 4055,

Engineering and IT 3.1, 3.2, 3.6, 3.8, 3.10, 3.12 Multiple Subcontracts, USMC, USCG and NGB through seaport-e and SRA as Prime Mr John Clay , 703 307 1553,

Engineering and IT 3.1, 3.3, 3.6, 3.8 Joint Personal Recovery Agency (JPRA) Mr Wayne Miller, (703) 704-4316

Tactical Engineering & Analysis, Inc.

Tactical Engineering & Analysis, Inc. (TEA), a Small Business, is a professional services company providing Systems Engineering, Analysis and Software Support for the development of Military Combat Communication Systems. Our technical support facilities are located in San Diego, California; Fredericksburg, Virginia; and Washington, DC. Since 1998, TEA has developed a reputation for providing high quality services to our customers at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), the Program Executive Office Ships, the Naval Surface Warfare Centers at Dahlgren and Port Hueneme, and the Naval Air Systems Command.

Past Performance:

PMW/760 Program Management for Ships Platform Integration Programs (11-1-08 through 10/31/11); 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5, 3.14, 3.20 SPAWAR HQ, San Diego, CA BAH Prime Contract # N00178-04-D-4024, DO N606 Michael J. Dollens (619) 221-5522

Tetrad Digital Integrity (TDI)

Tetrad Digital Integrity (TDI), a Small Business (SB), was founded in 2001 to pursue Cyber Security /Information Assurance/Information Security as its core competency. Since inception, TDI has led hundreds of information security initiatives in both government and commercial arenas around the world. We have outstanding credentials in vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, Certification & Accreditation, FISMA compliance, disaster recovery and business continuity, incident response, network security, and all areas of cyber security engineering.

Past Performance:

IA Support USMC/CGI; GS-35F-5900H Deron Baker, 3800 Fettler Park Drive Suite 101, Dumfries VA 22025, 703-441-8759,

The Kenjya Group, Inc.

The Kenjya Group, Inc. (TKG), a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), unique capabilities can be found in the qualities and experience of our individual members. Our members possess years of DoD experience in the Acquisition Management System (AMS - DoDD 5000.1), the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS - CJCS 3170 series), the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution system (PPBE - DoD 7000.14-R), and have current & ongoing experience in direct support of DoD Joint Staff (including j2, J6, & J8), the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC), and the Community Management Staff (CMS) Mission Requirements Board (MRB), as well as multiple subject areas including signals intelligence (SIGINT), information assurance (IA), Research & Engineering (R&E), Science & Technology (S&T), and Test &Evaluation (T&E). In short, TKG professionals have years of experience managing all levels of DoD acquisition category (ACAT) programs (ACAT I, ACAT IC, ACAT ID, ACAT IAM [MAIS], ACAT II, ACAT III) through all stages of the DoD Integrated Management Framework (IMF).

Past Performance:

PICM - Program Development, Integration, Coordination, and Performance Measurement (H98230-06-C-0581) / Holly Gildersleeve-Eng, COR, NSA/CSS, (301) 688-6881

TACACO-A – Technical Assistance Contract to the Acquisition and Capabilities Office (NISG-3118-00812212-05) / COR: William Pickrel, COR, (240) 568-8555


TRACE SYSTEMS, INC., a Small Business (SB), provides end-to-end tactical systems and services to the US Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and other Federal customers. Over the past decade we honed our abilities to rapidly and effectively execute on short notice, worldwide through ongoing contracts in the USCENTCOM AOR. We are supporting the Warfighter throughout the entire Combined Joint Operation Area – Afghanistan (CJOA-A) including each main base, 20+ forward operating bases FOBs, Border Coordination Centers, and Combat Outposts.

Past Performance:

Engineering and IT; Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support; W91B4N-10-C-5014 (CJTF); Adam Goldstein,Telephone #: 703-852-4567, E-Mail:

Engineering and IT; Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support; F11PC00161 (JNCC-A); MAJ Benjamin Gardner, Telephone #: 318-481-8142 E-Mail:

Engineering and IT; Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support; W15P7T-06-D-E403 (335th TSC); MAJ Sophia Davis-Reid; Telephone #: DSN: 318-430-3901 E-Mail:

URS Federal Technical Services, Inc.

URS Federal Technical Services, Inc., a Large Business, is a top-tier contractor to the U.S. federal government, serving every branch of the Department of Defense, as well as the Department of Homeland Security, NASA, and other federal agencies. The company provides systems engineering and technical assistance to develop weapons systems, and maintains and repairs vehicles, aircraft and other military equipment to extend their service life. Additionally, EG&G provides logistics support and installations management and train military pilots. In communities throughout the United States, the Company supports homeland security activities in the areas of emergency preparedness, force protection and security systems.


Valkyrie, a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) is a rapidly growing organization headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA founded in 2007 by President and CEO Gary Lisota. Our core equities include Acquisition, Readiness, and Modernization expertise. We provide responsive, full-service support to our clients and we are focused on their requirements with attention to quality, cost, and technical details.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation, a Large Business, is a non-profit R&D organization affiliated with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech or VT). We leverage the $500M/year multidisciplinary research and innovation ecosystem of Virginia Tech, offering superior analytic and technology solutions to clients across multiple domains. With a focus on national security, we specialize in applied research, translational research, technical services and commercialization efforts that extend the brand and impact of Virginia Tech, while serving government and industry alike.

Past Performance:

  1. Innovation and collaboration support; Program Support (3.20); Air Force Office of Scientific Research: FA9550-13-3-0002;
  2. Red teaming; 3.4, 3.6, 3.9, 3.11, 3.16, 3.17,3.18, 3.19; Atlantic Diving Supply (Prime): GS01T13BKD0005;
Watershed Security, LLC

Watershed Security, LLC, an 8(a), Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) as well as Veteran Owned (VOSB), brings specific expertise in the area of Information Assurance Assessment, specifically the development of test plans and determining continuing Security Compliance Validation of the applicable IT System/Applications.

Past Performance:

Information Assurance, IT, Administrative, Network and Engineering Support 3.1, 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.12 Military Sealift Command Stephanie Clark,, 202-685-5603

Information Assurance, IT, Administrative, Network and Engineering Support 3.1, 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.12 Military Sealift Command David Chase,, 757-417-4371

WCG Solutions, LLC

WCG Solutions, LLC, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB) provides engineering and infrastructure support in all aspects of voice and data communications, project management, and administrative support. As the way we communicate transforms, WCG helps its customers stay at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Past Performance:

Admin, Engineering, IT Support, Software, Systems Engineering / JPEO Enterprise (PM TR) BAH Prime / Department of the Army and Navy N00024-11-R-3251/NS36 / Dr. Richard North TD Rick Ardolino, Spawar Manager

Systems, Software, IT Admin, Waveform Support / JTNC G2SS Prime JTNC Support Contract / Department of the Navy N00178-D-14-7721 NS01 / Mr. Greg Adams 619-524-4498

Systems, Software, IT Admin / GSA Alliant BAH Prime / Department of the Army GS00Q09BGD0019 / Colonel William Wygal PM TR

MUOS, System Engineering, Software Engineering / JTN/JENM/MUOS G2SS Prime / Department of the Army / Dan Priessman N00178-05-D-4334 NS04

Network Engineer, Security, Software Engineering / Code H, Hawaii Forward Slope prime. / Department of the Navy, Spawar Hawaii / Miles Terayama, Division Head Spawar Hawaii N66001-15-D