STF SeaPort-e

STF is proud to be a prime contractor for the SeaPort-e award. The STF team provides personnel and facilities coverage in all seven zones and in all functional areas.

The STF Team represents small and large businesses with a diverse set of capabilities that capture the full range of statement of work functional areas. STF and its team members employ industry recognized experts working with significant global reach-back capability.

STF is positioned to provide the ability to combine technically outstanding and innovative solutions with best industry and business practices.

STF SeaPort-e Contact

Ms. Emily Morris
Seaport-E Contract Manager
Office: 540-899-3536
Fax: 540-899-0997

STF Task Orders

  Name Description
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-NS0164.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-NS0164
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V70150.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V70150
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V70230.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V70230
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V70314.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V70314
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V70457.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V70457
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V70672.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V70672
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V70742.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V70742
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V70857.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V70857
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V70937.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V70937
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V71046.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V71046
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V71131.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V71131
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V71325.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V71325
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V71556.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V71556
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V71689.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V71689
PDF N00178-05-D-4596-V71703.pdf N00178-05-D-4596-V71703
PDF N00178-14-D-7955-FK0102.pdf N00178-14-D-7955-FK0102
PDF N00178-14-D-7955-NS0118.pdf N00178-14-D-7955-NS0118
PDF N00178-14-D-7955-NS0207.pdf N00178-14-D-7955-NS0207
PDF N00178-14-D-7955-NS0302.pdf N00178-14-D-7955-NS0302