STF Quality Assurance System

Systems Technology Forum, Ltd. (STF) is committed to ensuring the delivery of quality products and services to the U.S. Government. STF has established a structured management system for the assignment, monitoring, review, support and control of work performed by our organization as well as our team members and these processes are driven by our commitment to ISO 9001 certified standards. This ISO standard is implemented to ensure the continuation of high quality performance and deliveries under all of our contracts. As part of our quality system, STF continuously seeks to improve existing quality assurance practices as well as ensure we are providing deliverables that are technically accurate and meet all applicable content and format requirements.

Our quality system reflects a commitment to comply with ISO 9001 guidelines for continuous process improvement throughout an entire program lifecycle. The major components of a program incorporate project planning, process development, record keeping, periodic audits, and financial controls and are critical to the efficient management of products and services provided to our customers. Managing change and ensuring superior performance from team members are the goals of STF's quality system. A key to success is the ability to address non-conformance issues with team members in a manner that is conducive to responsive problem resolution.

Through our rigorous quality assurance system processes are continuously monitored for further enhancement which enables effective program execution as well as the expedited resolution of issues. Within the STF portfolio of ISO based processes, the identification of an issue or opportunity for improvement is methodically documented and assigned to the appropriate level of management so that resolution is enacted utilizing the most effective resources available.

STF is aware that in order to deliver consistently high quality products and services, a well-established quality program is essential. Following formal procedures will ensure that team members and management work closely to significantly reduce risk associated with making procedural changes impacting customer products and services. STF is committed to a process that results in enhanced team member coordination and a standard approach to continuous process improvement.