Top Notch Vets

Top Notch Vets (TNV) is an initiative established by Systems Technology Forum, Ltd. (STF) to enhance employment opportunities for Veterans, with special focus on recently separated Veterans experiencing difficulties in rejoining the civilian workforce. With approximately 800,000 unemployed Veterans in our nation today, TNV helps to facilitate the transition of all types of Veterans by doing our part to train, mentor and aid individuals with positions of employment within as well as outside of STF.

The TNV strategy embraces a One Vet – One Focus approach, partnering an STF mentor with a single Veteran for their duration within the program. The duration of involvement within the program is solely driven by the Veteran and the beauty of this arrangement is that as long as the Veteran wishes to remain proactively engaged then an STF mentor is there to help. The mentors supporting the TNV effort are exceptional individuals, primarily Veterans themselves, which have already made the transition from military service to the civilian workforce. Leveraging the personal experiences of Veterans currently employed with STF provides each TNV participant with a fellow Serviceman or woman that has walked in their shoes and found ways to successfully overcome the challenges they are facing today.

No matter whether a Veteran knows where they want to end up or how to get there, the STF TNV program can help them get started down a path toward success.



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